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   Chapter 813 The Big Shot

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7276

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Before the day came to an end, almost everyone in the hospital knew that Sheffield was looking for Horace's beautiful sister.

The news took Horace by great surprise. He didn't even know that he had a sister.

He called Sheffield, who was heading for the department of gynecology. He answered perfunctorily, "Oh, it's not you. I was referring to another Horace."

"What—" Before Horace could say anything further, Sheffield hung up on him.

He had postponed all his work to find Evelyn. But, he still hadn't found her. He even doubted if it had been an illusion because of his busy work when he had seen her in the garden.

The last stop of his search was the VIP inpatient department of gynecology and obstetrics.

It was completely dark outside when he entered the department.

At the nurse's station

The nurses were wearing pink uniforms. Nurse A asked Nurse B, "Why did you take the night shift? You just came back from your vacation."

Nurse B quickly adjusted her appearance and asked, "Is this your first day?"

"Yes, they said you were experienced and asked me to work as your intern for some time."

Trying her best to suppress her excitement, Nurse B answered in a polite tone, "No, they were just exaggerating. But no matter who you work for as an intern, you have to work hard, because our work is very important... Dr. Tang!"

Leaning against the counter, Sheffield smiled at them and asked, "Are you on night duty?"

Nurse B stood up excitedly. "Yes, Dr. Tang. What brings you here?" 'He is indeed a very handsome man!'

Sheffield complained with a pout, "Horace asked me to look for his sister. I've been looking for her the whole day, but haven't found her yet."

"For his sister?" the nurse asked in confusion. "Why couldn't he just call her?"

Sheffield replied calmly, "She was unconscious when she was brought here, and had left her phone at home. I logged into the hospital system, but couldn't find the patient information, but it's certain that she's in our hospital."

"I see. Let me check the registry. Do you know her name?" the nurse asked.

After a whole day's search, Sheffield figured that Evelina was not her real n

even checked the personnel department files of ZL Group, including the CEO, Carlos Huo, to the cleaners. But there was no one named Evelina in the files.

The next day, when Horace called Sheffield, he was still checking the household register system of Y City, looking for someone named Evelina. He hadn't slept at all the night before.

There were altogether fifty-eight Evelinas in Y City. None of them was the one he was looking for.

Sheffield completely gave up on the name. It was a fake.

He grabbed his coat and rushed to the hospital.

In the nephrology department

Horace was talking to a patient about his surgery. When he saw Sheffield, he said hastily, "Where have you been? The president wants to see you. Hurry to his office!"

Sheffield hung his coat on a hanger nearby, turned on the tap and washed his face. After briefly tidying himself up, he put on the white uniform and hurried to the president's office.

In the president's office

When Sheffield knocked on the door, Sidell Xiang was on the phone. Opposite to him sat a young girl.

She was in her early twenties and had light brown curls. Her make-up was delicate, and she was wearing a baby pink dress from a well-known international brand.

The girl's eyes brightened when she saw Sheffield walk in. She stood up from the chair, ran to him, and held his arm casually. "Sheffield, where were you all morning? I've been waiting for you for a long time."

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