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   Chapter 811 Going To America

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Before answering Evelyn, Carlos cast a burning glance at Terilynn. He assumed it was her influence.

Glared at by her father, Terilynn was confused. What did it have to do with her?

"I'm your dad! I won't allow you to move out! You have no right to dictate to me. Your baby's daddy, and Tayson, I'll do what I want to them!" How could that guy hurt Evelyn like this! Carlos swore that he would do something to make him pay.

Evelyn was flustered. "Dad, I'm almost thirty. Can't I get a little privacy? I've told you that it was all me. He didn't even know I was pregnant. It was an accident. If you have to blame someone, blame me and my bad luck. Just ease up."

'Blame it on her and her bad luck?' Carlos' heart ached at her words.

Evelyn was a hard-luck woman when it came to love. Her first three boyfriends were dead.

And she broke up with the fourth one. Now there was this guy. She had an accidental pregnancy that turned into an ectopic one. What a tragedy!

Carlos felt his heart break into a thousand pieces for his daughter. "Have some soup first," he said in a calm voice as he placed the bowl of soup on the table.

Evelyn, however, had no appetite at all. In a choked voice, she said, "Dad, I'll go to America tomorrow. As long as you promise me..."

"I promise!" Carlos interrupted her.

Evelyn opened her mouth, but said nothing more. She lowered her head and focused on eating the soup.

When she finished, Carlos asked Debbie to leave and take the other two kids. Only he and Evelyn were left in the ward.

Carlos gave Debbie a comforting look. Then she closed the door to the ward.

The father and daughter sat face to face in the room.


Evelyn took a deep breath and bravely looked into his eyes. "Dad."

"Are you calmer now? If you're cooled down now, we can talk. If not, I'll wait."

Sad, Evelyn said, "I'm sorry, Dad." She shouldn't have spoken to Carlos like that. She knew that

you a lot. We didn't let you see how ugly and cold the world could be. After you recover, you're still the regional CEO of ZL Group. But I won't force you to work only in the company. You have to try to go to some meals and banquets and get comfortable with being in the public eye."

Carlos had never asked her to appear in front of the media. Besides, he had never asked her to go on business trips, attend banquets or hold events. In a word, he never allowed her to show up in public.

Everyone knew that there was a mysterious female CEO in ZL Group, but no one knew what she looked like, much less what her name was.

After Carlos left, only Evelyn was left in the ward.

Debbie came in, patted her daughter lovingly and pulled her into her arms. "Evelyn, whatever your dad does is for your own good. Honey, don't blame him for making decisions for you."

Evelyn nodded her head. She was not a three-year-old, and she knew her father cared for her.

Looking at his sister, Matthew didn't say anything.

Tears welled up in Terilynn's eyes. "Eve, you're an awesome sister. I'd tell you good luck, but you won't need it." Her elder sister was like her goddess. Evelyn had always been strong. She had never acted like this even after her three ex-boyfriends died in mysterious ways.

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