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   Chapter 810 The Ultimatum

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Evelyn had slept a long time. By the time she was awake, Debbie and Carlos were there by her bedside.

She called out weakly, "Dad, Mom..."

Hearing her voice, Carlos darted to her side. When he saw her pale face, he held her hand. "Eve, you feeling okay? Tell me if you don't."

Debbie stroked her daughter's hair, giggling and crying at the same time. "Are you okay, Piggy? Maybe I should call the doctor!"

Evelyn shook her head. "Mom, what's wrong with me?"

She didn't have any memory of what happened, and all she could do was just lie in bed, weak as a kitten.

Carlos' face darkened. He looked at Debbie and stood up. "I'll call the doctor."

After saying that, he left the ward.

Actually, he could have called the doctor using the nurse-call button. But he wanted to give mother and daughter some space so he went to summon the doctor himself.

Debbie gently tapped Evelyn's hand. "You really don't know? Seriously? I'll tell you what happened! You had an ectopic pregnancy, and you almost..." Debbie's voice trailed off and she began crying again.

'An ectopic pregnancy?' Evelyn's eyes widened. That was a shocker. They used condoms that night. She remembered that.

How could she be pregnant? And ectopic to boot? How was that even possible?

"Didn't you even notice you were pregnant?" Debbie was angry at her daughter, but she was worried about her as well.

Evelyn shook her head. Aunt Flo had visited her once, but it was not as heavy as usual. She had thought it was because she stayed up late recently. But now it seemed that it wasn't her period but intermittent bleeding.

She also suffered from abdominal pain, but she just chalked it up to feminine pains and didn't bother to get it checked out.

"Evelyn, you're almost thirty. How could you do something so stupid? Who have you been with? I'll call him now!" How could he not be here after what happened to Evelyn?

Evelyn stayed silent, still trying to process everything.

After a long while, sh

see Sheffield. When he saw his sister, he said, "Eve, let's head back to the ward."

Evelyn said nothing and sat back in her wheelchair.

Carlos had just come to her room with steaming boxes of lunch and Terilynn. When Terilynn saw her sister, she started unpacking the food. "Eve, Dad asked the nutritionist to cook you lunch. Have some soup first. It'll help you heal."

Evelyn sat down at the dining table and suddenly said, "Dad, I promise you. I'll go to America to recuperate."

Carlos was pouring her a bowl of soup at the time. When he heard her words, he paused and waited for her to continue.

And he was right.

"But you have to back off. Don't have your men spy on me or anything. I did it willingly. He didn't even know I was pregnant at all. And back then, we...used condoms. And don't blame Tayson, either. He just obeyed my orders."

"No way!" Carlos turned her down without hesitation.

The whole ward fell silent.

Looking at Carlos' deadpan face, Terilynn was too scared to utter a single word.

Carlos' attitude towards Evelyn upset Matthew, but he didn't say anything.

"Fine. I'm checking out. And I'm moving out. I'm not coming back home until I get some respect."

Carlos didn't expect that Evelyn would give him that kind of ultimatum. He thought only Terilynn would do such a thing.

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