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   Chapter 809 An Ectopic Pregnancy

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"Yes, I know." Evelyn took off her sunglasses and put them aside. She grabbed the file and flipped through it.

Half an hour later, an early meeting of senior executives was held in the conference room on the 22nd floor. As she listened to the presentation made by the manager of the financial department, Evelyn started to feel dizzy.

But she didn't pay much attention to it and thought that it was because she had stayed up late last night.

It was not until she felt her head spinning again that she realized something was wrong. Meanwhile, a sharp pain shot through her abdomen; her forehead broke into a cold sweat.

The manager of the financial department was the first to notice that something was wrong with Evelyn. "Miss Huo, are you okay?"

Everyone turned to look at Evelyn. Her face was as pale as a white sheet.

Everything happened so fast. Before anyone could respond, Evelyn felt a hot liquid flowing out of her body.

The next moment, she collapsed onto the floor, driving everyone in the meeting room into a panic.

If anything happened to Evelyn, Carlos wouldn't spare a single soul in that room.

"Miss Huo, are you okay? Somebody, call an ambulance!"

"Mr. Jin, please come in here!" Someone called Tayson at once.

"Help her up… Oh my God! There's so much blood..." The conference room was in complete chaos.

Tayson dashed into the room. His eyes widened in shock when he saw all the blood and immediately scooped Evelyn into his arms. Her clothes were stained with blood. He sprinted towards the lift.

As they quickly descended from the 22nd floor to the ground floor, a lot of people saw Evelyn's lower body bathed in blood. The entire ZL Group was shocked by the scene.

Evelyn's situation seemed to be critical. There was blood everywhere. Too anxious to wait for the ambulance, Tayson tucked her into the car and drove her to the nearest hospital with a security guard.

In the Y City First General Hospital

"Doctor! Hurry up! I have a critical patient here!" Tayson's roar was so loud that everyone in the outpatient department heard it.

Several nurses and doctors gathered around. When they saw Evelyn, the doctors already had a general idea of what had happened

bbie sobbed.

Tears welled up in Terilynn's eyes. "How did this happen? Evelyn..."

Debbie sighed and hugged her younger daughter.

She had asked Evelyn to go on the trip to get some peace of mind. It was for her daughter's own good, but now, it seemed that she was wrong to do so.

Matthew hurried to the hospital, still carrying his schoolbag. Evelyn was still in the operating room.

He cast a cold glance at Tayson. "Who is that man?"

Tayson remained silent.

"I can find out even if you don't tell me!" Matthew roared. He wanted to avenge his sister.

Another half an hour later, the light of the operating room finally went off.

Several doctors walked out soon after. They removed their masks. The director of the obstetrics and gynecology department heaved a huge sigh of relief. "Mr. Huo, your daughter is stable now. One of her fallopian tubes was broken. We've operated on it. We haven't removed her broken fallopian tube, but it has been torn for sure. So, she is less likely to get pregnant in the future. But, there's still a chance..."

'Less likely to get pregnant?' Carlos frowned. "Any other problems?" he asked.

"Everything else is fine. Don't worry, Mr. and Mrs. Huo. She will recover soon, as long as she gets some good rest."

"I see."

The doctors transferred Evelyn to the ICU.

Carlos had his men block any news about the incident; he forbade anyone from talking about it. He decided to punish anyone who ever talked about this.

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