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   Chapter 808 A Spice Of Life

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Sheffield's heart sank when he heard Evelyn's words. He said, "But..." 'But this is your first time, ' he thought.

Burying her head in his arms, Evelyn said casually, "We were both satisfied. You're leaving tomorrow and we won't be in touch anymore. So, don't think too much about it."

All the words that he had wanted to say to her turned into a sneer in the end. "Yeah, you are right," he said with a sarcasm-laced voice. He couldn't contact her even if he wanted to; they hadn't exchanged each other's contact information.

But he had to take the initiative. So, he grabbed his phone and opened his WeChat. "Give me your WeChat account if you don't want to tell me your phone number."

Evelyn was stunned. Reflexively, she refused, "No. I use my WeChat account for work."

Sheffield's face darkened. "Then, give me your phone number or your address."

"I said we are done and we don't need to keep in touch!" Evelyn wasn't a clingy woman. She wasn't going to pester him or force him to take responsibility just because they had sex for one night.

Sheffield's face clouded with pure anger. He had always thought that women were just a spice of life, that they were far less important than many other things. But at that moment, the woman in front of him was different. If it were anyone else, he would have left without hesitation.

This woman he had sex with was the one he had fallen in love with for the first time in his life; she was different from the other women he had met.

"Your phone number! Give it to me, Evelina!" He raised his voice.

Evelyn turned away from him. "I'm sleepy. You can leave now." She had thought that they would make love only once. But they ended up doing it again and again. She was really tired.

Sheffield got out of bed, put on his clothes and left angrily.

When the door was slammed shut, Evelyn slowly opened her eyes.

She could feel his anger. It was the first time she had seen him that angry ever since they had met. 'But why is he so angry?

Just because I didn't give him my number?'

Despite her confusion, Evelyn didn't give it much thought. After all, she didn't know much about Sheffield; he was just a small chapter in her life that had nothing to do with her future story. She would be back i

ystal high heels came into view as she stepped out; she was wearing a purple pencil skirt and a white shirt.

"Good morning, Miss Huo."

"Good morning, Miss Huo."

As Evelyn walked in, the greetings poured one after another. She gently nodded at her colleagues and walked towards the VIP elevator.

The employees on the first floor greeted her with respect as she walked forward with an imposing aura.

When she entered the elevator, people whispered to each other, "The Huo family's eldest princess has become more beautiful, hasn't she?"

"Oh, I noticed that long back. She looked so much more feminine on the first day she came back to work after her long vacation."

"I'm so envious of her. She wears different clothes every day, depending on her mood. And the weather doesn't stop her from wearing her favorite outfit."

"The weather?"

"Yeah! It's raining outside, isn't it? But Miss Huo is wearing a white shirt and crystal high-heeled shoes. It's obvious that she has a chauffeur, escorting her from the gate of her house to the entrance of the company. She would never get wet or have her clothes stained."

"Wow, I wish I could live a life like that."

"All right, all right. Let's not daydream and waste our time. Time to work our asses off!"

On the 32nd floor

In the regional CEO's office

Nadia Hua put some papers on Evelyn's desk and said, "Miss Huo, these are the documents for the meeting later today. Since Mr. Huo won't be attending the meeting, you'll be in charge."

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