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   Chapter 805 Little Tang

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Sheffield raised his eyebrows and said, "One kilo then."

"Oh, okay. Just wait for a minute." The tea expert went into the shop, either to get the tea or to call the boss.

Evelyn shot a glance at Sheffield and thought, 'As a vice department director of a hospital, his monthly bonus and dividends, combined with his salary, should be way less than the worth of a kilo of this tea.' So, she said to him, "You don't need to feel uncomfortable about the price. Since you treated me to dinner and snacks last time, consider this my treat."

Sheffield felt wounded. "Do I look that poor?" he asked, distressed.

"Yes." She nodded and said to him in all seriousness, "So, stop wearing such expensive clothes and accessories. You should save money for your wedding."

She had noticed that he had been wearing luxury brands for the past three days. Even the watch on his left wrist was worth a million dollars. His salary could be no more than tens of grand a month, which was not enough for him to squander away like this.

Sheffield scratched his short hair and said, "No, it's not like that. I do have enough money for my wedding..."

"Do you rely on your parents? To tell the truth, I am not in any position to scold you; I depend on my parents too." Everything she had today was given by her parents. She was just born rich.

"There are different kinds of dependence. Your family is rich, so there is nothing wrong with you spending your parents' money. There are young adults, whose parents don't make much money; but they still live off their family's earnings. That should be condemned." Sheffield scorned that kind of behavior. He never spent his father's money.

Evelyn listened to his smart words and thought it made sense. For the first time in her life, she no longer felt guilty about spending so much of her parents' money.

A woman in her forties or fifties walked towards them from the shop. She looked like the store owner. The lady was dressed very differently, and was followed closely by the tea expert who had a cup in his hand.

The proprietress looked at the two youngsters up and down with a


Tayson stared at the two in astonishment. 'This man! He is so influential. Miss Huo is actually cracking jokes now!'

He took Evelyn straight back to the guesthouse.

Sheffield did not come back that night. For the next two days, he did not even show his face.

Evelyn gradually got used to life without work. 'Temporarily, ' she reminded herself.

On the third day, Evelyn planned to go to the snow mountain in D City. Before she could get into her car, she ran into Sheffield, who had just come back from outside.

As soon as he got out of the black minivan, he saw her. He closed the door of the vehicle and ran towards her, revealing his brilliant white teeth. "Evelina, are you going out? Can you give me a ride?"

Glancing at the brand-new minivan, Evelyn asked, "Don't you have a car?"

"Oh, that's my friend's. He is busy. I don't want to bother him."

Evelyn looked away and asked, "Where are you going?"

"Wherever you are going." He ran to open the door for her and gestured for her to get in respectfully. "Your ride is ready, princess!"

She smiled and got in the car.

From then on, no matter where Evelyn went, he accompanied her. To the snow mountain, and then to the cafe...

One night, Evelyn went out to buy some necessities. It was already past ten o'clock when she got back to her room. At that time, she saw a woman knocking on Sheffield's door.

She stood frozen.

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