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   Chapter 803 I Want A Part Of The Family Property

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Carlos handed his coat and luggage to the housemaid. When he saw his son look more and more like him, he replied expressionlessly, "What do I think? I think you're trying to get your old man to pony up the cash for that all-in-one desk. Tell you what: come up with reasons why you need one. Maybe write an essay. If I like what you have to tell me, I'll buy it for you. How's that?"

Obediently, Matthew went upstairs to write the essay.

Just then, Terilynn opened the door to the villa and rushed in, excitedly saying, "Dad, you're finally back! Can you give me one of your bank cards? I want a new camera. I only need to move my fingers to take photos with that beauty. It's the latest and greatest, and only costs a few hundred large. I only need a million. Please, Daddy?" She batted her eyelashes at him and gazed at him lovingly.

"No problem," Carlos agreed without hesitation.

Matthew stopped in his tracks and waited for Carlos to continue. What his father said next broke his heart.

With a smile, Carlos handed a bank card to Terilynn and said, "There's five million on that. Go and buy it! If you want anything else, just ask."

Standing on tiptoe, Terilynn excitedly hugged Carlos and kissed his cheek a few times. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the best dad in the world!" It would be better if Carlos would let Tayson marry her. Then, her life would be so perfect.

But she didn't dare ask him that.

"Humph!" Matthew snorted as he turned around and went upstairs.

He was used to it, but it didn't mean he had to like it.

He'd be nineteen years old and have his degree in two months. After graduation, he'd spend three years studying in the U.S. After he got back, he'd take control of ZL Group, so that Carlos, his father, would have to ask him for money every day!

When he went upstairs, he saw Debbie looking for something. When she saw him, she said, "Hi, Matthew. Seen my beads?"

Matthew had no idea what she was talking about. He shook his head and answered, "No."

"Eh? That's weird. I wonder where they went. By the way, why are you standing at the door, Matthew?" Debbie looked at her son in confusion.

When Carlos walked up the stairs, Matthew cast a cas

eved him.

When Carlos called one of his men and reassured Debbie everything was fine, Matthew went back to his room to write the essay.

An hour had passed after Evelyn was done. Actually within half an hour, everything was settled. It was just that the college student who had helped the old woman with her backpack had been saying thanks to Carlos' daughter again and again. He insisted on asking her who she was and how to contact her in the future.

In the end, the boy stopped crying after Tayson gave him his number.

When she got back to the guesthouse, she looked at the door opposite to hers. She knew it was Sheffield's room.

After a short pause, Evelyn returned to her bedroom. She felt a little guilty.

Evelyn didn't go out and took her supper in her room. The next morning, she went to a tea plantation to pick tea leaves.

Where Evelyn was vacationing was famous for a certain kind of oolong tea. It was vastly different from the Tieguanyin tea, both in appearance and taste.

Last night, it rained heavily. The air in the tea plantation was fresher. As soon as Evelyn picked up a basket, a group of people came to pick tea leaves as well.

She didn't notice until someone called out, "Isn't that your friend, Dr. Tang?"

Hearing that, Evelyn turned her head. It was Sheffield, tying his shoe laces. He raised his head and looked at her. With excitement in his eyes, he quickly tied his shoes and ran over. "Wow, what a coincidence!" he said.

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