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   Chapter 802 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7332

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After she placed the burning incense in the censer, Evelyn took a stack of money from her purse and put it in the collection box before she left.

There were many things that were new to her, many things that she never saw in Y City. Evelyn couldn't help herself. She was drawn to the souvenirs.

"Tayson, I'm kinda thirsty." She forgot to bring her water bottle with her when she left the car, and there wasn't a convenience store in sight.

After checking her surroundings with concern, Tayson accidentally saw a man smiling at Evelyn from a distance. "Wait here. I'll get your water. I'll be back soon," he said.

"Okay." Evelyn waited for him under a bodhi tree.

As she took her phone from her bag, a shabbily-dressed old woman walked towards her. "Miss..."

Evelyn raised her head and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Ahem! Ahem! Miss, can you do me a favor?" The old woman looked to be in her eighties. Her voice was thin and reedy once she cleared her throat. She was too weak to stand on her crutch. She looked pitiful.

"What is it?" 'Did she want money?' Evelyn was ready to give her some.

The old lady said with a smile, "I want to bring some food for my granddaughter, but I don't have the money for the bus, and I can't go on foot." She looked at her crutch with disdain. "Can you go for me? Ahem..." The old woman didn't seem to be in good health. She kept coughing.

After a short pause, Evelyn answered, "I don't know. Your daughter might be out of my way."

"There's only one road out of town. She's just past the checkpoints at the border." She showed Evelyn the backpack. "It's not too heavy. There's not a lot in there. I made some buns for her, and I packed some sugar and a few other things. Will you please help me?"

'The border checkpoints?' Evelyn knew about the border checkpoints. When they arrived in town, there were a few lines waiting to be inspected, and it took them twenty minutes to get through the checkpoint. All kinds of people crossed the border, so the inspectors were quite strict.

"So how do I get a hold of your granddaughter?" Evelyn was too kind to turn her down.

The old woman handed her the backpack and smiled kindly. "Thank y

n at her ID card carefully. "You ask a lot of questions, you know that?"

"I'm just curious. Forget I said anything."

Considering she was a woman with no criminal record, the officer told her kindly, "Old lady or no old lady, he's in trouble. For what he had on him, that's good for at least six or seven years in prison."

"What if there was proof he was doing this as a favor to someone else? What if he didn't know?" Evelyn asked.

The officer returned her ID card and peered at her suspiciously. "Sounds like you know something we don't."

Tayson walked up to her. "Miss, we're in a hurry." He looked at the officer. "Forgive her, she's not well."

Evelyn looked at the boy, who was broken down crying. He just looked like an ordinary college student. If they locked him up for a few years, his life would be ruined only because he was willing to help others.

That could turn him bitter and angry at the world. 'No, I can't let this happen!' she thought with a firm expression.

Without rolling up the window, Evelyn left the car and told the officer with a stern look in her eyes, "I think I can prove he's innocent."

The officer was rendered speechless.

In the Huo family's villa

Matthew had just come back from school. When he saw Carlos walking into the house, a break from the man's week-long business trip, he said, "Dad, you're finally back. I have something to discuss with you. What do you think about an all-in-one desk?"

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