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   Chapter 800 The Kind Of Man Who Will Love Me

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6566

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The man's male friend echoed, "Damn right! She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

The woman didn't hesitate to crush the man's ego. "Did you see the bracelet she is wearing? It looks super pricy. Just look at her. She is obviously rich and important. And look at you! Do you really think she gives a damn about your drink?"

"Doesn't matter. I'll be happy as long as she looks at me."

Soon enough, Evelyn's table was filled with all kinds of alcohol—expensive ones, cheap ones, wine, and beer.

When Evelyn finally looked at him, Sheffield began to play the guitar and sang, "Do you remember the cafe by the Seine River? The taste of the coffee fades while your smile and lips linger. May the roses I gave you never wither. Even writing your name makes my heart flutter... You said you always made the chasing harder, but babe, I'm no quitter. You said you wanted nothing more than a sincere heart..."

This was the second time Sheffield had sung for her in one day. Evelyn just looked straight at him, her face betraying no emotions.

He seemed attentive to the song, but his eyes would shift to her from time to time, and he sometimes winked at her.

She remained nonchalant, but the other women in the bar went crazy. They screamed to draw his attention, but he only had eyes for her.

The song continued, "Babe, you have been my world from that day. I never knew being happy could be so easy. You said I was not your type, but hey, your eyes gave your heart away."

The lyrics made Evelyn think, 'Really? My eyes give my heart away?'

The audience applauded when the song came to an end. His voice had attracted many new customers into the bar.

When he returned to his seat, he saw all the complimentary drinks on the table.

"I was only away for two minutes, and so many men have already tried to steal you away!"

Evelyn smiled and asked him jokingly, "Which one do you think I should drink? The young man who had bought me t


"I thought of going to Italy. But my brother argued that we already lived in a big noisy city. He said that I should go somewhere quieter. Then, my sister suggested this place. She has been here before and thought it beautiful and clean. So, here I am."

"You have a brother and a sister?"

She nodded. "Yes. I'm the eldest. My sister is adorable, and my brother is calm and mature, just like my father." Her eyes turned tender as she spoke of her siblings.

"It sounds like you have a happy family. It's not common nowadays, especially for rich people." Sheffield thought that it was a rare thing for rich families to be happy. Most of the rich couples he knew put on happy faces in public, but they would have been split up a long time ago.

Many had affairs and got divorced.

Evelyn nodded. Her eyes were fixed on the old bricks on the road as she walked. "I think so too. I have seen a lot of miserable couples, but my parents are different. They love each other. Their relationship was built on loyalty, inspiration and trust. I want that too."

Her parents had been married for more than thirty years. When her mom was carrying her, some people had tried to sabotage her parents' marriage, and they had been apart for a few years. But they reunited and had lived happily ever since.

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