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   Chapter 798 Love Comes Like A Tornado

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"Of course, he holds some amount of power. They are rich, after all. Calvert and his father visit my dad often. Last time, they gave my mom a set of gemstone jewelry. Besides, Langston Ji is friends with Vernon, the gang leader... Wait a minute! You know Vernon too, don't you?" Joshua asked. Sheffield never talked about his private affairs to others. But as his best friends, Joshua and Gifford were the ones who knew him the best.

A wide smile crept across the doctor's face. "I see. Things have become more interesting. Looks like we do share a connection. Vernon only told me that he knew Langston, but he didn't mention that they were friends. I don't think the two of them are on good terms," Sheffield analyzed.

"All right, I've told you all I know about Calvert. Now it's your turn to tell me why you are inquiring about him." Joshua was always curious about Sheffield, his mysterious friend. He wanted to get to the bottom of everything that concerned him.

"Because..." Sheffield grinned, and then announced, "From this moment on, Calvert is my rival." He was determined to make Evelyn his. Nobody could snatch her away from him now.

Joshua sighed. He wondered how Calvert had offended this man. Nonetheless, he decided to drop the subject. "Want to get a drink tonight?"

"No. You should leave. I have something important to do."

"What? Something more important than me? Your best friend?" Joshua pulled a long face.

Sheffield flashed a playful smile. "Your friend is trying his best to get himself a wife."

Joshua choked. "What? Sheffield Tang, are you serious about this girl?" His eyes widened in shock. This was huge news.

"Yes. I have never taken the initiative to hit on a girl. But this time, I did. And I'm serious about her," he said firmly.

Joshua reminded him, "You still have four years left before you reach thirty. You better get a hold on yourself."

Sheffield understood what he was hinting at. About a year ago, he and his friends had gotten drunk and sworn to each other that they wouldn't get married until they were in their thirties. The one who broke the rules of the game would have to spend his night before the wedding with another woman.

Sheffield, being only twenty-six yea

is my third time here. But I was here for something else back then. This time, it is purely for fun."

"I see."

Right then, her phone rang. It was Debbie. She slid her fingers across the screen and answered, "Hi, Mom."

"Evelyn, how are you? Are you in bed already?"

"I'm fine, Mom. I'm still outside," she answered honestly.

Sheffield remained silent because he knew that it was her mom on the other end. But, he continued feeding her the rice cake.

Evelyn wasn't used to being fed, but gradually, she gulped down the food like it was the most natural thing.

"It's over nine now. Are you still hanging out? Are you having dinner?" Debbie could hear her daughter chewing on something.

She was curious. Evelyn never talked while she ate. She had been away from home for only two days, and she had already changed so much. Debbie wondered if it was because she felt free outside.

"Yes. There are a lot of street foods in this city."

"Are they delicious?" Evelyn seldom ate such street foods. Now, she had begun to eat them as well.

"Yes, very much."

"All right, Evelyn. Take care of yourself."

"I will, Mom. How are the others doing? Is Grandma sleeping?" Sheffield led her to a quiet place and sat down. He put all the snacks in front of her.

"Not yet. Your grandma is waiting for me to report to her about you. She asked me to remind you of your safety. She is always worried."

"Tayson is with me. I'll be okay. Please ask her not to worry so much."

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