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   Chapter 797 Age Isn't A Problem

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7116

Updated: 2019-12-30 00:02

Evelyn found that Sheffield liked boasting. That was a side of him she hadn't seen. And challenging Calvert like that...

"But..." Before she could speak, Sheffield moved closer to her again, noses almost touching.

Her heart skipped a beat. She stuttered, "What... What do you want?"

He stared at her with a serious look. "I want you to keep your promise."

"What promise?" She broke eye contact, pretending not to know what he meant.

Sheffield never imagined she'd play dumb. He sighed and spelled it out for her. "You promised to be my girlfriend for ten days."

"Oh..." she responded quietly.

He was unhappy. "Is that all you can say? 'Oh'? How about yes or no? You going to dump me after I helped you out?"

Evelyn felt she was too impulsive a moment ago. She shouldn't have asked him to take Calvert's call.

Sheffield grabbed her hands and confronted her in disbelief, "So you lied to me? Why would you do that? Get my hopes up and everything?"

It was a habit for her to say no. She shook her head. "No..."

"So you'll keep your promise?" He was as happy as a little kid again.

Evelyn felt a headache coming on.

Seeing the baffled look on her face, Sheffield stopped smiling and sat back in his seat. He said in a calm voice, "Relax, alright? I like you but I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do. Just have fun."

Evelyn was at a loss for words. This was the first time she had gotten to know a man like him. A trickster, capable of highs and lows. He was as unpredictable as women were said to be. But his words did set her mind at ease.

She had mixed feelings about him. This guy was really weird—so hard to understand.

Back at the guesthouse, Sheffield lazily leaned against the doorframe of her room, hands in his pants pockets. When he made sure that Evelyn was safe, and her bodyguard was back at his station, the doctor walked back to his room, whistling a tune.

Evelyn washed her face, changed into her pajamas and began texting her friends on WeChat. "Busy now?"

The person on the other end texted back in a heartbeat. "No. How's your trip? Having fun yet?"

Unflappable, the doctor leaned against the table and said, "I don't care."

Joshua rolled his eyes. It dawned on him his friend didn't care about fame, money or position at all.

"Oh right, do you know about the only son of the Ji family?" Sheffield had just come back from abroad. He didn't know everything, because he just wasn't interested. There were certain people, places, and events he needed to know about. This was one of them.

"You mean Calvert Ji?" Joshua plucked the scalpel from the couch and fiddled with it. "Ask me nicely, and I'll tell you."

Sheffield snorted, "Humph! Fine. Please tell me. Now spill it."

"Didn't I say nicely? That sound nice to you? But I get it. Buy me an F1 racer and I'll tell you." Joshua flashed a cunning smile.

The doctor turned around and opened his laptop. He sat down on the couch and began to search for information.

Joshua stared at him, sighing. "Quit it. I'll tell you. God, you're a jerk."

Sheffield put away his laptop. "Fire away."

"Calvert Ji, male, 32 years old, only son of the Ji family. He's a top-notch specialist in the jewelry business, knowledgeable and good at marketing. I heard he has a very wealthy girlfriend. But I didn't ask much about it since I'm not interested in his private affairs. So why do you care?" Joshua stared at the doctor in confusion.

'Wealthy girlfriend? He must mean Evelina.' "Is he powerful?" he asked.

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