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   Chapter 796 My Wife

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"I love both," Evelyn replied casually. Her dad had specially furnished a collection room for her. In there, she had all sorts of gemstones and jewelry, made of different precious metals.

"I see. I must try harder to win you over then; I could happily live off you," Sheffield said casually.

Evelyn didn't mind his joke. "I suggest you stay in the renal transplant department. You will earn more there than in the nephrology department."

"Oh? Are you worried that I can't afford to support you?" He laughed out loud.

Evelyn felt her face burn red with embarrassment. She retorted, "I don't need you to support me. I can take care of myself."

"Yeah, I hardly earn anything at the hospital. Please, have some mercy on the poor doctor. Keep me as your gigolo."

She smirked. "Dr. Tang, are you kidding me? You're wearing clothing from an international brand. I don't believe that you need to live off a woman."

He lifted her body a bit higher, making her lie more comfortably on his back before replying, "This is just a fake."

'A fake?' It was one of the luxury brands bankrolled by ZL Group. She could easily tell a fake from the real thing. "I work for ZL Group," she said coldly.

Her words silenced Sheffield at once.

He was indeed wearing an international brand of clothing that was under ZL Group, with top-notch quality and a very high price.

"Cat got your tongue?" Evelyn continued to make fun of him and tilted her head to look at his profile.

Beads of sweat had formed on his forehead. She pulled out a tissue from her purse and wiped his face.

"I was just wondering if I should tell you the truth. I borrowed these from a friend."

She didn't buy it. "Oh? Your friend is so generous. But Dr. Tang, as far as I know, most doctors are clean freaks, and you seem to be one of them too. Could you really wear other people's clothes?"

Sheffield was distracted by her gentle hand movements on his face. He didn't feel tired of carrying her on his back; in fact, he was more energetic than ever. "Has anyone ever told you that you are a smart woman?"

"Yes. My father. He always says I'm smarter than my younger brother." But Evelyn knew that Matthew was way smarter than her. Carlos only said that to irritate his son.

She felt comfortable lying on Sheffield's br


As far as he knew, Evelyn only laughed when she was with her family. Other times, she was cold and mostly difficult to approach.

"And keep your so-called sister away from her. Don't come anywhere near my wife again, or else, you'll have to face the consequences." Sheffield hung up on him.

Evelyn patted her forehead, feeling helpless. She scowled, "Sheffield... You shouldn't have provoked him like that. He's..."

Sheffield returned the phone to her, clicked his tongue and said playfully, "I don't care who that asshole is. He was wrong to harass a woman."

"Calvert Ji... is the only son of his family." His father had married Rowena's mother.

'Oh. The Ji family?' Sheffield thought. "You mean, that guy is Langston Ji's son? The diamond businessman?" Most people in Y City knew that the rich diamond family had only one son in this generation.

"Yes." Evelyn was worried that Sheffield would be in big trouble since he had offended Calvert openly.

After all, he was only a doctor, while the Ji family held a high place in the city. It would be a piece of cake for Calvert to deal with a mere doctor.

Sheffield drew closer to her and asked in a tender voice, "Are you worried about me?"

Evelyn didn't hide her worries; she nodded seriously.

He smiled and sat back in his seat, with his legs crossed. "Don't worry. If you meet him again, please pass on my message to him. If he ever calls you again, I, your dearest husband, will carve his kidneys out and sell them."

Evelyn rolled her eyes at him.

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