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   Chapter 795 A Jinx

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Sheffield was stunned for a moment, and stared at Evelyn with a complicated look in his eyes. He now understood why she was suffering from depression. "What happened to your fourth boyfriend?"

"We broke up, just before I came here. The phone calls earlier were from him." Calvert Ji, Evelyn's fourth boyfriend, was pressured by his family to break up with her.

"Why did you break up?" Sheffield dug. 'Was that guy afraid that he'd get killed?' he thought.

Evelyn took a deep breath before continuing in a self-mocking tone, "He's the only son in his family. So naturally, they are afraid that I'll bring bad luck to him too and kill him someday. I'm a jinx in their eyes. Of course, that's not the only reason. You already know by now that I'm kind of weird, cold and unapproachable. We had a lot of problems getting along."

She was hoping to frighten Sheffield away by telling him about her horrible past. Who in their right mind would want a girlfriend that would bring bad luck to them?

"I see." After silently cursing her ex-boyfriends in his mind, he told her with a relaxed smile, "That's not a big deal. I don't believe in jinxes. And you know what? My dad has been married thrice. And I have a bucket full of half-brothers. Besides, my dad doesn't like me very much. He would be glad if I got killed. So, Evelina, I'm not afraid to be with you."

He flashed a mischievous smile and spread his arms again, waiting for her to throw herself onto him.

Evelyn sighed inwardly.

A part of her wished he was being serious.

"Stop kidding around." After dropping those words, she avoided his stretched arms and continued to walk on. The scenery became more breathtaking as they walked along the banks of the brook running through the woods. But Evelyn was immersed in her own sorrows.

Although Carlos had tried his best to block any news about the mysterious deaths of her ex-boyfriends, still, the shocking information reached many prying ears. Evelyn knew how they talked about her behind her back. She was considered a jinx who brought deaths to her boyfriends. On the surface, she didn't care about what people said, but deep down, she was devastated.

Now that Sheffield knew her story, he could fully understand why she had turned down his love.

On one hand, they had only met yesterday. It was perfectly normal that sh

before; her legs were already sore. "Probably pick some tea leaves or go to the border."

Sheffield noticed that she had difficulty walking. He looked at her trembling legs and asked with concern, "Tired?"

"Yes." She didn't deny it. She looked around, but couldn't find something to sit on.

He squatted down in front of her, his back towards her. "I'll give you a piggyback ride."

"You?" Evelyn stared at his back in disbelief.

He was obviously stronger than her. But he didn't look like the muscular type.

Again, Sheffield felt humiliated by this woman. He turned around to throw her a glance. "While you were in high school, I was already going through all kinds of physical training in America. Don't judge a person by his look."

Nonetheless, she declined, "No, I'd better call—"

"Get on!" He knew that she was about to ask her bodyguard to come and carry her.

Since he insisted, Evelyn couldn't refuse anymore and climbed onto his back.

It was then that he caught a glimpse of the ruby anklet on her ankle. "You like gems?" She also wore a ruby bracelet and a sapphire hairpin.

"Yes. I like collecting them." She was surprised that he, as a doctor, had knowledge about gems.

'That is a really luxurious hobby to have.'

Sheffield had already figured that she was from a rich family, but it seemed to him now that her background was far wealthier and more powerful than he had thought.

"Only gemstones? Or do you like other kinds of jewelry too?" He began to mentally calculate how many gemstones he could afford to buy her.

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