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   Chapter 794 I Am That Guy

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"Sounds good. Why not? You might get an acute renal failure, and then you won't be able to mess around with women anymore," Evelyn mocked.

Sheffield stared at her, his interest piqued. "Oh, I didn't expect you to know about acute renal failures."

"I have a customer with that disease."

"I see. ARF is curable, as long as he receives the right treatment in time. But if it's chronic, there's no radical cure for it according to the current medical situation. Ask your customer to come and see me whenever he's free. I'll see if there's anything I can do. I specialize in nephrology." This wasn't a joke. He did work in the nephrology department.

"Why did you choose to study nephrology? Is it because..." Seizing the chance to taunt him, Evelyn sized him up and asked, "You've had issues with your kidneys?"

Sheffield didn't mind such scorns.

He faked a half-serious look and said casually, "Yes, you're right. I've indulged myself in so much carnal pleasures, my kidneys couldn't take it anymore. I chose to be a renal physician and had both of my kidneys replaced."

He made it seem like he had slept with many women.

Evelyn felt a pang in her heart. "Wow, Dr. Tang, you're amazing. You even operate on yourself. Quite a talent," she said with sarcasm.

Instead of replying to her taunt right away, he turned around to face her. While walking backwards, he asked with a mischievous smile, "Why are you so concerned about my kidneys? Do you want to find out in person if they are working fine?"

Realizing what he meant, Evelyn blushed. She picked up her pace to catch up with him, in an attempt to punch him in the face.

Sheffield knew what she was thinking. He picked up his pace too, always staying one step ahead of her.

Frustrated, Evelyn began to run. It was then that Sheffield turned around to run too.

"Sheffield Tang, you are such a jerk!" No one had dared to flirt with her like this.

Sheffield turned his head to smile at her as he ran. "Hey! You started it!"

"How dare you?" Evelyn ran as fast as she could.

Without warning, he stopped in his tracks, turned around and spread his arms. Caught off guard, Evelyn couldn't stop her momentum in time and bumping into his

y and pitiful. He was shrouded in the sadness of being turned down.

And now, he made her look like a bad woman who dumped him after playing with his feelings.


"Yes, ma'am?" he replied in a knee-jerk reaction.

"We're not right for each other."

"Why not?" He was unconvinced.

"Because I know what I want. I want someone who is older than me; a man who can take care of me." She remembered that she had already said this to him. Why hadn't he given up on her yet?

Sheffield smiled, his eyes narrowing into a thin line. "You are only three years older than me. Age is not a problem. Besides, what makes you think that I can't take care of you just because I'm younger? Please, give me a chance. Let's try to date. Maybe for ten days at first, and then, you will know if it'll work or not. After ten days, if you still believe that we are not right for each other, I'll never pester you again. We won't contact each other after we leave this city. How does that sound?"

'Ten days?' Evelyn hesitated. She wanted it, but... "Sheffield."


"I've had four boyfriends in the past."

"I don't care." He really didn't give a damn about her past. He only wanted to have a future with her.

"Three of them are dead..." She stopped and looked at him with a very serious expression.

Sheffield was smiling.

"They were all killed," she said. All those incidents in her past had slowly led her to depression. But that was not the end of it.

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