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   Chapter 793 I’ll Shut Up

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6314

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Sheffield grabbed Evelyn's hand and tried to get her into the car. "Evelina, we can't stand up the driver. He really could use the money. He told me that his son has brain cancer. He counts on this job to pay the medical expenses. He has been waiting for us for so long; if we cancel on him, all his time would have been wasted and he will be so disappointed."

Evelyn remained nonchalant. "Then, just pay him thrice the fare."

"Despite being poor, he is a proud man. He won't take the money for nothing." Without giving her time to reply, he started to push her into the car.

Evelyn was too weak to resist. Sheffield made her sit in the back seat and closed the door. Then he said to the driver, "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. Let's go."

"That's okay. Sit tight." The driver started the car.

Evelyn was about to ask the driver to pull over. But Sheffield cut her off and apologized, "Evelina, I was too impulsive back there. Just give me a second chance. I promise that I'll behave for the rest of the day. If you still can't forgive me by the time we get back, I won't bother you again. Deal?"

The sincerity in his eyes calmed her down. "All right."

Sheffield was relieved. He murmured with a smile, "You obviously loved the kiss. Don't know why you are so angry about it now."

"Stop the car!"

"No, no! Don't stop. Sorry, I'll be quiet." He shut up.

Evelyn rolled her eyes at him. "One more word and I am out of here."

"Okay okay, my lips are zipped." He sat up and looked straight ahead.

The driver saw what was happening through the rearview mirror. He chuckled. "Girl, don't be so mad at your boyfriend. Couples fight all the time. Your boyfriend has already apologized to you. Give him another chance."

'Couple? Boyfriend?' Evelyn tried to explain, but Sheffield beat her to it. "I made a mistake and I should apologize. If I were her, I would b

ou. What if another man shows up and lures you away?" he joked airily.

Evelyn's eyes were fixed on the road. "The gall bladder of the many-banded krait is very valuable, isn't it?"

"Not as valuable as you. I could catch any number of snakes like that one, but you are unique." Sheffield opened a bottle of water for her. He didn't even blush as he shamelessly continued to flirt with her.

Evelyn was used to such fawning words. She took the bottle from him coldly, drank some and handed it back to him. Her phone rang again.

Sheffield peeked at her phone screen. It was just a number. No name.

She hung up. But the person called again.

After a moment's hesitation, he asked, "Should I give you some privacy?"

He wondered if she was hanging up on the person because of him.

"What are you going to do? Catch snakes?" she asked calmly and put her phone away. "I could do that,"

he said. "I have my scalpel on me. I can milk the snake in two minutes. Is that long enough for you to take the phone call?"

They walked on as they talked. "Not quite enough. Perhaps you should take the time to convert it into some kind of medicine. That will be long enough."

"Maybe I should just swallow the snake. That will be quicker and easier."

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