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   Chapter 791 She Must Be A Mistress

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6761

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The elephant slowly nuzzled her cheek with its trunk. It felt hard and itchy.

Sheffield was about to say no on her behalf, but Evelyn took one step forward and said to the man, "Okay."

Hell, she had never kissed any animal before. And she wanted to give it a try.

The man instructed her to stand in front of the elephant. The long trunk moved towards her mouth.

Sheffield was visibly upset. 'Even I haven't kissed her yet. Can't believe that the elephant beat me to it.'

The trunk was about to touch Evelyn's lips. Suddenly, Sheffield pulled her back, grabbed the trunk and put it on his mouth instead.

The elephant sucked his lips in. It was so hilarious that the people around them roared with laughter.

Even Evelyn chuckled.

The cameraman seized the opportunity and took the picture of Sheffield kissing the elephant and Evelyn smiling like an angel next to him.

Once it was all done, Sheffield dashed to a faucet and started rinsing his mouth repeatedly.

His breath smelled like tree barks and bananas. "I wish I had a sterilizing solution," he said in dismay.

"If you did, were you going to take your mouth off your face and have it immersed in the solution?"

Sheffield dried his mouth with a tissue. "Didn't know you could crack a joke."

She ignored him.

Sheffield went to the cameraman to get the picture. His face fell when he saw the photo of him kissing the elephant. But when he saw Evelyn's smile, he thought that his sacrifice was worth it.

She extended one hand to him and said, "Let me see it."

She had said that she didn't like taking pictures. He was worried that she would throw it away, so he tucked the picture into his pocket and said, "The cameraman sucks. He made me look hideous. I'll throw it away later."

Without waiting for her reply, he grabbed her hand and said, "Let's go feed the elephants."

Several elephants were penned in a yard. Sheffield bought two food baskets for the elephants. One was full of twigs and leaves, and the other had berr

dging from the woman's fancy clothes and accessories, she must be some rich old man's mistress. Sheffield wouldn't want to be with that kind of woman."

Horace Zhu snorted and looked at the woman contemptuously. He wouldn't allow her to insult his goddess. "She is obviously a high-flier. Or maybe she is from a rich family. There is no way that she is a mistress."

"How shallow men are! One smile from a beautiful woman and they lose their wits."

"And what's wrong with that? It's not anybody else's fault that you're not pretty," he retorted sarcastically. He didn't want to make insulting remarks about her appearance, but he couldn't stand her anymore.

Before things got worse, another woman mediated. She turned to the nurse, "What you said was too harsh. Horace is right. The woman does look like she is from a rich family. And not all rich-looking women are mistresses."

"Right. If she is someone's mistress, then why is she with Dr. Tang? She is probably single," someone else echoed.

The nurse shut up after being criticized by so many of her coworkers.

Sheffield and Evelyn knew nothing about this. They were busy feeding the elephants.

Evelyn looked at the berries in Sheffield's hands. The elephant sucked the berries from his hand, ate them, and came back for more. It seemed interesting and she wanted to try.

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