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   Chapter 788 Runaways

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Sheffield leaned in towards her seductively. "Your sidekick has noticed me already. Followed everywhere by your bodyguards, aren't you? Isn't it annoying? Don't you want to be free; do whatever you want even if it is just for two days?"

It sounded tempting, and he had a point, but Evelyn had no choice. This was her life. She had been living like this since the day Carlos knew she was his daughter.

Sheffield didn't let go of her hand. "Your bodyguard is coming. Let's go! Run! I'll take you to the Elephant Valley."

Evelyn turned to look at Tayson. He was running towards them.

Subconsciously, she started running alongside Sheffield, her black curls billowing gracefully about her shoulders in the wind.

Sheffield turned to see if Tayson was catching up with them, but his gaze fell on Evelyn and he realized how beautiful she was at that moment. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

He was attracted to her the instant he had laid eyes on her. Earlier, he had the impression that she was a proud and distant beauty. But now, it was a different kind of beauty; she was unrestrained and moved with panache.

Whatever kind of beauty it was, Sheffield was dazzled.

They came to the sightseeing car he had chartered. He hopped in first and held out his right hand to her.

Before getting in the car, Evelyn turned to Tayson, who was still running and was less than ten meters away from them. "Go back," she said to him.

Tayson stopped and watched Evelyn take Sheffield's hand and get into the sightseeing car.

As the car drove off, he wasn't sure if he should report it to Carlos. In the end, he decided to report it to Debbie. He took out his phone to call her. But then, he got a text message from Evelyn. "Don't tell my parents. I'll be back soon."

Tayson knew that they were heading for Elephant Valley. He could keep this from Carlos. He could also leave her be. But not today. He couldn't help worrying. The man she was w

ehead. She hadn't expected his chest to be so sturdy.

"Are you okay?" he asked tenderly, apparently worried.

She nodded. "Yeah. I'm fine."

The driver realized what had happened, and slowed down.

Sheffield wanted to give him a piece of his mind, but when the car slowed down, he decided to let it go.

Evelyn calmed down. He lifted her foot and put it on his lap. "I'll apply the mosquito repellent for you."

"I...I can do it myself."

She tried to pull her leg away, but Sheffield grabbed her ankle to stop her. "The road is narrow and the turns are sharp around this area. Sit tight. I'll do it."

Evelyn didn't object this time. She watched as he opened the bottle and applied some repellent on her shoe.

She couldn't help thinking, 'He is so careful. Is he as meticulous as this during a surgery?'

"Evelina," she said out of the blue.

"What?" Sheffield looked at her and continued to apply the repellent on her other shoe.

"My name is Evelina." Yes, she lied.

'I'm sorry, Sheffield.'

There were too many awful people in her life. They approached her with diverse purposes. In the end, they all belonged to the same kind—the ones who wanted to hurt her.

She had learned this the hard way. Kidnapping, threats, blackmail, murder. She had experienced them all.

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