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   Chapter 787 The Smooth Operator

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7576

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Tayson pulled another hundred from his wallet and handed it to Sheffield. Sheffield took it with a smirk and put it into his pocket. "I'll use this to treat you to something else next time," he said to Evelyn.

'He is a smooth operator," she figured.

Sheffield produced his employee card and said, "See? I'm not a bad guy. I have a proper job. I'm a deputy director at Y City First General Hospital. The faculty of our hospital came for a trip here. I was only curious about you. Isn't it normal for a guy to be curious about a beautiful woman like you?"

Evelyn looked at his employee card. His name was in red. Sheffield Tang.

As he held out the card, she noticed his hands—long fingers and fair skin. Perfect for holding scalpels.

Tayson had been wary of Sheffield the whole time. He cautioned in a whisper, "Miss, we've come all this way for you to relax. Please don't stress yourself out on such trivial matters. I'll check him out."

As Carlos Huo's eldest child, Evelyn had been born into a powerful and wealthy family and had grown up under ultra-protection, which had eventually shaped her sensitivity to security. Even on a trip, she couldn't put her guard down.

She didn't respond to Tayson's concern, and elegantly took a bite of the Red Hot Candy Apple.

A little candy was left on her lips after she took the bite. Sheffield noticed it and handed her a tissue from his pocket. "You got candy on your lips," he said, pointing to her mouth.

Despite the fact that Sheffield was very much interested in her, he didn't want to look too eager. After handing her the tissue, he smiled and said, "Have fun. Bye."

He was vigorous. And there was a tinge of mischief in his smile. For a moment, Evelyn was charmed.

He really did leave and she didn't see him again until after she returned to the guesthouse.

When they got back to her room, Tayson handed her a file. "Miss Huo, he wasn't lying. His name is Sheffield Tang. 26 years old. He is indeed the deputy director of the nephrology department of Y City First General Hospital. He graduated from an American medical school. And from what we have learnt so far, he isn't a dangerous individual. And he came here before us."

This trip was a last-minute decision; there was no way

ast pace of the city, she did get some peace in this place. That evening, she called her parents and she was evidently in a better mood than when she had started her trip.

Evelyn slept in the next morning. When she woke up, it was already past nine.

After breakfast, she decided to go to the nearest attraction—Elephant Valley.

The road became much narrower as it approached the scenic spot. Cars couldn't go any further. So, the visitors could only get there by taking the sightseeing car.

When Evelyn reached the pick-up area, a huge group was already gathered there, and none of them had the sense to line up as they waited impatiently.

When a sightseeing car finally arrived, the crowd swarmed in and scrambled to get in.

The operator had to raise his voice to try and keep order. But no one cared. No one listened to him.

Evelyn frowned at the crazy scene. "Miss Huo, I can charter a car for you," Tayson said to her.

"Okay," she agreed.

No sooner had Tayson left than Sheffield showed up. Evelyn didn't see where he had come from; he had popped out of nowhere. He was wearing a casual pink jacket.

As he approached her, she could smell the mint scent on him. "Are you going to Elephant Valley?" he asked.

Evelyn met his amorous eyes and nodded.

"I have arranged a car to get there. Care to join me?"

"No, I—" She was about to turn him down, but he grabbed her hand. Startled, Evelyn's heart thumped.

His hand was big and warm, almost completely enveloping hers.

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