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   Chapter 786 You Want To Bang Her

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Outside the guesthouse, Evelyn watched the tourists come and go around the old town, her eyes empty. She started to wonder what she had come here for.

She wanted to go sightseeing, but she didn't know where to start.

When was the last time she had gone shopping? A couple years ago, she guessed. She couldn't quite remember. If she needed something, she would have it delivered to her home or office. So, she didn't need to go shopping on her own.

And she hadn't traveled for years either. Her father treated her like a delicate vase and never allowed her to go on business trips. As a result, she seldom had the chance to leave Y City.

"Hi!" A man's cheerful voice broke her train of thought.

She saw the man whom she had just seen in the lounge hall. He was looking at her with a wide smile on his face.

Another man and two women were standing next to him.

Evelyn didn't respond.

"How about I buy you dinner? I know some delicious local food places around here," he offered. Sheffield always had many women by his side, but he had never tried to woo anyone before. Women willingly chased after him.

However, he couldn't help but take a fancy towards this woman. The moment she left the guesthouse, he followed after her.

Evelyn cast a cold glance at him, still saying nothing.

Sheffield's heart skipped a beat. 'I have met her three times now, yet she still hasn't said a word. Is she...mute?

How unfortunate!'

While Sheffield was wondering if Evelyn was dumb, Tayson walked over and stood between them. He cast a warning glance at Sheffield, his eyes burning with a murderous aura.

The man beside Sheffield asked him in a whisper, "You know her?"

Sheffield shook his head. He didn't know her, but he wanted to.

"Oh, I get it. You want to bang her." Horace's eyes widened and a wide smirk spread across his face.

Sheffield shook his head again. 'I want more than that.

I want to marry her and make her mine alone. I want to be the reason behind her smile every day. I want to make love to her until she begs me to stop.'

"Sheffield! Are we having dinner or not? I'm starving!"

Horace's voice brought him back to his senses. He shook off the weird thoughts in his mind. He couldn't imagine marrying someone whom he had just met.

A wise man ha

that." She finally mustered up some courage to say it.

Tayson was stunned for a moment. After confirming that the stall was relatively clean, he nodded, "Okay."

Sheffield cut the queue and walked to the head of the line. He took out a hundred-dollar bill and gave it to the girl in the front. "Do you mind giving your candy apple to me?" he asked with a charming smile.

The girl was mesmerized by him, and without any hesitation, she gave hers to him.

Sheffield took it from her and winked. "Thanks."

Then, he quickly trotted towards Evelyn. "Here you are," he offered with a wide grin.

Evelyn looked at the candy apple. Instead of taking it, she asked in a cold voice, "What's your purpose?"


"Your purpose."

He was amused by her suspicion. "You think I have a purpose to get close to you?"

"Don't you?" she asked in reply.

Every man getting close to her had their own reason; she was just a means to an end.

Sheffield raised the food box to her again. "Eat while it's still warm. I want to show you something."

After some hesitation, she took it and signaled Tayson with her eyes.

Tayson took his wallet out of his pocket and gave a hundred-dollar bill to Sheffield.

Sheffield didn't seem to mind at all. He put the bill in his pocket and said with a grin, "I need another hundred. I had to give the girl in the front of the queue a hundred AND a big smile. So, I need another hundred for my smile. It's not too much to ask, is it?"

Evelyn and Tayson were rendered speechless.

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