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   Chapter 785 Ladies First

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The woman had fair skin and wore thick sunglasses. After getting out of the car, she looked at the guesthouse and asked the man holding the car door for her, "Has the room been booked?"

"Yes, miss. The Presidential Suite on the third floor, with a view of the sea."


Three other bodyguards appeared and took six suitcases out of the trunks of the cars and followed after her.

In the lounge hall on the ground floor, a group was chatting and laughing. When the woman entered with her bodyguards, they stopped and looked at her.

"Wow, who is that? Looks like a rich lady," one of them said.

"Are you sure?" one of her friends asked skeptically. "I don't think so. Why would someone so rich stay in a guesthouse instead of a star hotel?"

"Oh, come on! Look at her clothes. They probably cost at least a hundred thousand dollars. And look at those suitcases. I'm pretty sure each of them costs tens of thousands of dollars."

"What? Are you serious? If she is so rich, then why is she here? In a guesthouse?"

"Well, this is the closet guesthouse to the old town. Besides, there are Presidential Suites on the third floor with a sea view. Dr. Tang stays on the third floor too."

"That makes sense."

Tayson received their keys from the reception, and they walked towards the stairs. At that moment, a young man in a white casual shirt and black pants came down the stairs. He looked at the girls in the lounge area and said with a smile, "Sorry that I'm late, girls. I was on an important call."

As he walked down, he saw the woman opposite him.

Tayson immediately stood before her to prevent the young man from knocking into her.

Sheffield could tell that the woman was from a rich family and the men around her were her bodyguards.

He sized her up. 'Wow, her skin is fairer than mine, and her lips are so plump.'

Sensing his intense gaze on her, Evelyn raised her head to look at him. Sheffield winked at her playfully and stood close to the handrail to make way for them. "Ladies first," he offered.

Tayson cast a casual glance at him and said indifferently, "Thank you."

Evelyn looked away and continued walking

ce his presence around her.

Evelyn arrived at the first floor and saw a man sitting in the lounge hall, smoking. Before she could see his face clearly, a group of women surrounded him. "Dr. Tang, why are you here? Wanna go out on a date with me?"

The man put out the cigarette when he saw Evelyn. She remembered that face; his eyes were so magnetic, as if they could talk. When he had winked at her back then, she felt the electricity between them.

Sheffield fanned his hands in the air to get rid of the smell of tobacco. "Sorry, but I'm waiting for Horace. We are going for dinner," he answered. However, he wasn't looking at that woman. His gaze was on the aloof beauty walking down the stairs.

Evelyn wasn't wearing her sunglasses this time. She had pretty eyes that caught many people's attention.

Her clothes didn't have any logos on them, but one could still tell from her demeanor that she was from the high society.

Their eyes met, and Sheffield's heart skipped a beat. He raised an eyebrow and gave her a mischievous smile.

Evelyn looked away, her face deadpan as she left the guesthouse.

'Wow! Interesting!

I've seen aloof women before. But none of them have managed to get my attention. This woman is something special, ' Sheffield thought to himself.

A wicked grin appeared on his handsome face. He didn't know how to describe his feeling, but he wanted to get close to her and learn more about her.

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