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   Chapter 784 Bury Him Alive!

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7314

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Tayson left to have his wounds treated. Carlos and his right-hand men were left in the living room. "Find that man and bury him alive!" Carlos' voice was indifferent, yet it was filled with an incredible murderous aura. 'Evelyn nearly died because of him; he should pay with his life, ' he thought furiously.

Dixon got closer to him and asked, "Mr. Huo, what if Miss Evelyn Huo finds out?"

Carlos didn't respond. After pondering for a while, he ordered, "Find some women to seduce him. If he falls for the trap, then kill him!"

Dixon nodded, "Got it, Mr. Huo. And, what if he doesn't fall for the trap?"

The killing intent in Carlos' eyes decreased a little. "Then, break his leg!" This was the biggest concession he could give in his punishment.

If it weren't for Evelyn who had pleaded with him to not interfere, he wouldn't easily let go of the man who had hurt her.

At the nephrology department of Y City First General Hospital

"Dr. Tang, I'm leaving."

"Dr. Tang, where are you planning to spend the night?"

"Dr. Tang, I'm so envious. There are so many girls around you."

The popular Dr. Tang leaned lazily against the wall of the corridor, wearing his white doctor's gown. He had a stethoscope hanging around his neck. He had fair skin and a charming smile on his face.

His eyes shone, and it felt like they had a sensual voice of their own. As he cast a casual glance at a nurse nearby, she immediately flushed and her heart raced wildly in her chest. She whispered into the ear of another nurse, "Dr. Tang is so handsome. I can't even breathe when he's looking at me."

"I can't breathe either, though he's not even looking at me! Look at that face! Such delicate features. Did he have a plastic surgery or something?"

"I'm so glad that he's a member of our nephrology department. Girls from the other departments must be so jealous of us."

"That's true. Anyway, we gotta leave. Dr. Tang is leaving too."

The doctors and nurses left one after the other. Sheffield took the stethoscope off his neck and went back to the duty room.

He changed into his casual clothes, grabbed his wind coat and left the nephrology department.

On his way ho

disciple as he wiped his hands clean.

Sheffield hadn't gotten injured in years. The old man couldn't imagine who could have broken his leg.

Sheffield sat in an armchair and answered in a weak voice, "Nothing serious. Will my leg fully recover?"

"I thought you wouldn't ask." The old man threw the towel into the basin angrily.

Sheffield scratched the back of his head. "I don't want to walk with a crutch for the rest of my life," he said with a pout.

"Don't worry. It will be okay. You're a doctor. You don't need me to tell you how to treat your leg, do you?"

"No, I don't. Thanks, master. I gotta go now." He gestured to his friends to help him stand up. "This is great! I can now stay at home and rest for a couple of days."

The old man shook his head and stared at his retreating figure.

His friends dropped him back at his apartment and left soon after. Sheffield lay in bed alone. His wicked grin was now gone. His eyes were full of affection as he thought about that woman.

Four months ago

At the Rainbow Guesthouse in D City's old town

Four low-key luxury cars slowly stopped at the entrance of the guesthouse. A handsome bodyguard in a black suit got out of the passenger seat of the second car and pulled open the door to the back seat. "Miss, we are here."

"Mm hmm."

A pair of beautiful white branded shoes came into view, and then, a woman in a beige waist-length casual dress got out, holding a brand bag.

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