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   Chapter 781 Gifford's Woes

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7529

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Gifford was almost three years old, and Blair was now seven months pregnant with her second child.

One night, the little boy woke up because he had to pee. He turned on the bedside lamp, got out of bed and went to his bathroom.

As he walked out of the bathroom, he suddenly remembered the monsters from his favorite cartoon—Journey to the West. He quickly opened the door and ran towards his mom's bedroom.

When he arrived at the door, Gifford heard strange noises coming from the room.

He turned the doorknob quietly and popped his head into the room. What he saw shocked him! His mom was pressed against the bed, and his dad was bullying her!

The young boy was angered.

Gifford pushed the door open, and ran towards the bed, crying loudly, "Mommy!" He was terrified for her.

Wesley had heard noises at the door while he was having sex with Blair. But he was too focused to stop and take a look. He didn't expect his son to barge in like this.

Wesley immediately covered them with the quilt. Crying, Gifford stood next to the bed and tried to lift the quilt off his parents. "I won't love you anymore, Daddy! How could you bully Mommy like that?" he cried.

Embarrassed, Blair grabbed the quilt tightly to stop him from lifting it. Gifford, on the other hand, wanted to drive Wesley out of the bed, so he kept tugging at the quilt.

Since Blair was pregnant, Wesley hadn't had the chance to have sex with her for a long time. He had pleaded with her for so long, and she had finally agreed. Yet, their romantic moment was interrupted by their only son. Wesley was so mad, and Gifford's cries made him even angrier.

He threw back the quilt and began to put on his pajamas in front of his son.

Gifford, who had been crying nonstop, raised his head. When he saw his naked father, he was shocked and lowered his head to look at his own. He stopped crying.

'Daddy's willy is so terrifying! Mine is cuter, ' he thought.

In order to not wake up the elders, Wesley closed the bedroom door. He had no idea that his son was secretly feeling sorry for him.

'Does Daddy feel inferior because of his horrible willy? I feel bad for him now. I better continue to love him...' The little boy was deep in thought.

"You little dev

said in a soft voice.

"Good night, Daddy." Gifford yawned. He was indeed sleepy. He decided to go to his mom as soon as he got up in the morning.

After making sure that the boy was sound asleep, Wesley heaved a sigh of relief and went back to his bedroom.

Blair was not asleep yet. Upon seeing him, she asked, "How's Gifford? Is he asleep?"

"Yeah." Wesley took off his pajamas and threw them away. "That boy is so hard to deal with," he complained. He missed the innocent baby Gifford used to be. Back then, he would listen to whatever Wesley said.

Blair cast a reproachful glance at him. "I told you to lock the door, but you didn't listen. You can't blame him."

"I didn't expect this to happen." He pulled Blair into his arms. After what had happened, he would make sure to lock the door next time. He didn't want their intimacy to be interrupted again.

Blair rested her head on his shoulder. "Get some rest."

"Mm hmm."

But his moves betrayed his thoughts. She grabbed hold of his hand. "What are you doing?"

"We must finish what was started. That is good virtue. You get some rest; I'll finish it on my own."

Blair rolled her eyes. 'Really? How can I fall asleep with you torturing me?'

When Evelyn was almost five years old, Blair had given birth to Gifford. Debbie had given birth to Terilynn soon after that.

Now, three years later, Blair gave birth to Yvette Li. Another two years down the line, Debbie gave birth to Matthew, her third child with Carlos.

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