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   Chapter 779 Work Hard For A Second Child

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Blair turned around and walked towards her son. But Wesley grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her into his arms. "Don't be mad. I was just teasing you. How about we go on a date tonight? I'll ask Mom to take care of Gifford."

She paused and met her son's curious gaze on them. The little boy was staring at his parents hugging each other. Blushing, she said, "How about we take him with us?"

Wesley refused without thinking twice. "No way. This will be our first date after you woke up. I don't want a third wheel."

"But don't you think he wishes to have fun with his dad and mom? He will feel miserable if we leave him behind." Blair didn't have the heart to leave their son behind at home while they enjoyed alone.

"Miserable? You're so wrong. He lives in comfort every day, with his grandmother spoiling him all the time; he eats only whatever he likes and plays as much as he wishes. I think he would be on cloud nine without me around him."

Blair burst out laughing. She leaned into his arms, as she watched the little boy play with his toys. "Listen to yourself. You make it sound like our son is a little tyrant who enjoys comforts and luxuries."

"Anyway, he's nothing like me. He's very picky about food too. We must correct his bad habits at a young age."

Blair sighed. The poor baby had been treated like a soldier ever since he was born. Wesley just couldn't let go of any chance he got to train the little boy.

Night fell very soon. Blair was doing her make-up in the bedroom when she heard a knock on the door. The maid's voice came from the other side. "Mrs. Li, Mr. Li is waiting for you at the gate."

"Got it. Thank you." Blair put down the eyebrow pencil, grabbed her coat and walked out.

Wesley was leaning against the car door, waiting patiently for his beloved.

When Blair saw the dashing man, she picked up her pace and ran towards him.

Wesley's expression changed abruptly. He hastily strode over and stretched out his arms to catch the running woman. When she was safe in his arms, he chided her in a worried tone, "You silly woman, why were you running? You're not well enough to run around yet. What if you trip over and fall?"

Standing on tiptoe, she wrapped her arms around his

o way. I only want boys."

Blair rolled her eyes at him. "Another boy? You want to give another soldier to the country? Or are you planning to pass down your position, your power, to your sons?" If that was the case, maybe she would consider giving birth to another boy.

"Just listen to what I say." He didn't give any further explanation.

"Mr. Li, that's not for us to decide. It all depends on our destiny." She made a face at him.

She was determined to go to a temple and pray for a beautiful daughter.

In fact, she desperately wanted a daughter with Wesley because she had seen how Carlos acted in front of his daughter. The cold CEO spoiled Evelyn to the hilt. He listened to everything the little girl said.

So, Blair was curious to know how a tough man like Wesley would spoil his daughter. She couldn't help laughing as she imagined the scene in her mind.

Wesley put down his chopsticks. He knew that his wife was plotting something devious in her mind. "What are you up to?"

Blair took the bowl of soup in her hand. Before eating it, she said quickly, "Nothing. Oh, I want to buy a new shaver for you after dinner. You've been using the old one for years."

"Don't bother. It works well. Didn't you want some snacks? I'll take you to the supermarket later."

"No!" she insisted. "I want to get a new one for you." Every time she set her mind to buy something for him, they would end up getting all the things that she needed, and he got nothing for himself.

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