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   Chapter 778 He's A Man

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"No, it was not caused by the food. The test shows that your son has a bacterial infection. There are a lot of possible ways to get infected; maybe he contracted it while playing outdoors," the doctor explained.

The guilty feeling weighing on Blair lessened a little. At least, the food she had cooked wasn't the direct reason for her son's sickness.

She returned to her baby's ward, and saw a nurse playing with him.

When the nurse saw her enter, she informed, "Gifford's mom, the kid hasn't vomited again this morning, but his temperature is going up. He needs another bottle of IV fluid. Please go to the cashier's and pay the bill beforehand."

"Okay. I'll go right away. Could you keep a watch on Gifford till I come back?"


Keith, Baldwin and Cecelia returned downtown in the afternoon. Instead of going home, they headed straight to the hospital.

Cecelia felt her heart break when she saw her grandson lying in bed, sick and exhausted.

Blair's face fell. "Grandpa, Dad and Mom, I'm so sorry. I couldn't take good care of Gifford..."

She had only looked after the kid for a day, but he had fallen sick on her watch. She wasn't a good mother.

Cecelia sighed and pulled her in for a hug. Patting her back, she comforted her, "You're Gifford's mother. We know that you are in more pain than any of us. But don't worry, it's normal for little kids to get sick easily. And Gifford was kept in an incubator for two weeks after he was born. He is a bit weaker than the other kids. Anyway, he's fine now. So, don't blame yourself. Understand?"

Moved, Blair nodded, "Yes, Mom. I understand." She promised herself that she would learn to take better care of her son.

In the evening, Niles and Irene came to see the little boy after work. When Niles found out that Blair had brought the kid to the hospital all by herself, he was unhappy and told her off. "Why didn't you call me? I'm his uncle. You should have informed me immediately. Wesley isn't home and you've just recovered your health. It's too dangerous for you to carry the kid, and you brought him all the way here, in the middle of night. What would we do if something happened to you?"

Blair knew that he was scolding her for her own good, so she didn't retort


He found any possible excuse to share more intimacy with his wife.

Later that day, Wesley went downstairs while Blair decided to rest for a while longer. Seeing his dad, Gifford ran towards him. "Daddy, can I go visit Uncle Talbot?"

Talbot had settled down in A Country and was now working for Wesley.

Gifford found a lot of interesting things in Talbot's house when they had visited him last time; he had some rare weapons and other fancy equipment.

Wesley had taken him to Talbot's place twice and each time, the little boy found it harder to leave. He was attracted to those "toys."

"Not today. Uncle Talbot is busy. Tomorrow." Wesley grabbed the straps of the little boy's overalls and was about to carry him in his hand like he usually did. But he remembered what Blair had told him, and so, he bent down, scooped up the boy and carried him in his arms.

Gifford was a bit disappointed that he couldn't go today. Still, he nodded, "Okay."

When Blair woke up, she noticed that Wesley was still using the shaver which she had bought him many years ago. It was old, but he still kept it.

She smiled helplessly, but was filled with delight. When she saw him downstairs, she said, "Honey, I want to treat you to a meal." 'And buy a new shaver too, ' she thought.

Wesley threw her a suspicious glance. He said warily, "That's strange. You have something else on your mind. What are you plotting?"

She hit his shoulder angrily. "Forget it! I'm not buying you anything!"

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