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   Chapter 777 Gifford Is Sick

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Updated: 2019-12-23 00:12

One of Keith's comrades-in-arm had passed away, so Baldwin and Cecelia accompanied the older man to attend the funeral. They informed Blair that they wouldn't come back home that night. The maid was on leave too. Hence, Blair and Gifford were the only ones left at home.

"Yes!" Gifford nodded. Although he didn't understand anything about the dishes, he planned on eating anything she cooked. Moreover, he found it relaxing to be with his mom. He was happy the whole day. His mom would ask his opinions before making a decision, unlike his dad, who decided everything by himself.

Blair walked hand-in-hand with Gifford, with bags of ingredients and groceries in her other hand. She was quite tired. After all, she was still recovering her health.

She sighed. It dawned on her how amazing some full-time mothers were. They had to take care of their kid all alone, and some of them had to take care of two or more kids at the same time. She admired them for their devotion.

The supermarket wasn't too far away from home, so Blair didn't hail a cab. After making sure that the little one wasn't tired, they walked back home.

Before she began to cook, she told Gifford to play with the toys in the living room. She stressed that he wasn't allowed to go anywhere, and if he needed the toilet, he had to go find her in the kitchen. His safety was her priority.

The little boy nodded, holding the toys in his hands. "Mommy, don't worry. I won't go out."

Blair kissed his cheek and walked into the kitchen.

The mother and son duo enjoyed their dinner. Gifford loved his mom's cooking and ate more than usual. His tummy was already full and round, but he still pointed at the tofu.

Blair touched his big belly. Worried that he would be overstuffed, she shook her head. "No, you can't eat anymore. I'll cook this for you again tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, Mommy." Blair smiled tenderly. She realized that her son was very obedient. He said yes to almost everything. While she did the dishes, she wondered what kind of man her son would grow up to be. She imagined he would be a very considerate gentleman.

After a while, it was time to bathe. The little boy was shy since this was the first time that Blair was going to bathe him. As soon as s

nd said, "Good night, Mommy."

Staring at his sleeping face, she held his little hands in hers and rained kisses on them. 'Oh, my little angel. You are such a good boy!' He only cried a little when the nurse inserted the needle into his vein, but he soon stopped after Blair coaxed him. He was quiet the whole time. She was almost moved to tears seeing how sweet her son was.

Blair thought that she should let Cecelia know about the kid's condition.

Considering that it was still very early in the morning, she decided to get some rest and tell the elders later in the day.

'Baby, thank you for coming into my life. I'm so happy to be your mom.'

She lay down beside her son and fell asleep with him in her arms.

After catching some sleep, Blair woke up and took Gifford to get his blood test done before breakfast. Tears threatened to fall out of the little boy's eyes when the doctor drew his blood. Blair felt her heart ache. "I'm so sorry, baby. It's my fault. I shouldn't have cooked all those food for you."

Gifford buried his face in his mom's chest, bearing the pain.

After breakfast, she texted Cecelia. "Mom, are you busy?"

She waited patiently, but there was no reply. Cecelia was probably still busy.

In two hours, the test results came. The doctor read the report and told her, "It's a bacterial infection. He may develop a fever today. Please pay more attention to him."

'Bacterial infection?' "So, it's not because of the food he ate?" Blair asked nervously.

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