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   Chapter 776 He Didn't Have A Say

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7678

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"Men... protect girls!" Gifford answered earnestly.

"Who told you that?"


Blair looked at her son, a loving look in her eyes. She felt grateful to Wesley and Cecelia. They had taught him well.

The little boy was dressed in his pajamas. Blair thought she should help him get changed since she was taking him out of the house.

It was the first time she had dressed him. Previously, she was still recovering and Wesley didn't allow her to strain herself. No housework, no carrying their son. She had lain in bed most of the time.

As soon as she opened Gifford's closet, the strangest sight met her eyes. The shirts were normal—various styles, different colors. But almost all the pants were boys' overalls.

Confused, she looked down at the little boy who was also peering in the closet "You don't have any other pants? Just these?"

It wasn't until then that she realized her son had been dressed in boys' overalls every day.

The boy climbed into the closet and sat on the edge. Looking at his own clothes, he tried to find the words he knew to explain. "Daddy... helps"

'W-what?' Blair was confused, trying hard to decipher her son's words. "Fly? How does he do that? I'm sorry, little one. I don't get it."

The little boy was a bit anxious. He didn't know how to explain to Blair. He stood up and grabbed a pair of overalls off the hanger. He clumsily climbed out of the closet, carrying the overalls, and then lay them on the floor. Blair was amused as she watched the little boy.

Then, the boy grabbed the straps, holding them in his little hand, and showed them to Blair.

A scene flew into her mind and she finally realized what he meant. "Does your daddy always carry you in his hand like this..." she asked as she clutched at the collar of his pajamas and pretended to lift him up.

Gifford nodded, "Uh huh!" He didn't have a say in picking out the clothes. He could only wear whatever his daddy bought him.

Blair was rendered speechless. Wesley used to carry her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and now he carried their son in his hand like a bag of tomatoes.

Couldn't he just hold the kid in his arms like a normal father?

'Oh, you poor thing, ' she sighed helplessly.

After dressing her son, Blair took him out an

. "I know. I love you, too. Now, go back to work."

Wesley reluctantly hung up the phone.

Their phone calls used to be short. But somehow, their conversations got longer and longer. They seemed to have a ton of sweet words for each other.

If he could, Wesley would keep Blair on the phone forever. But he couldn't; he had to work.

After putting away his phone, Wesley returned to his usually serious self and walked back to his office.

Blair waited until Gifford said goodbye to his playmates. Then, she took him to the supermarket. "It's late today. We'll go buy some new pants tomorrow, but let's get something to eat tonight. What do you think?"

The little boy nodded, "Yes. Mommy, food... cheese potato."

'Cheese potato?' Blair knocked it around in her brain. "You mean cheesy bacon potatoes?" She remembered the chef at home had cooked that last time.

Gifford clapped his hands excitedly. "Uh huh!"

"But I've never cooked that before. I'll give it a shot. Want to try it? Don't blame me if it tastes bad." Blair took his little hand in hers and walked slowly.


Blair had installed an app for children's cuisine on her phone before. She wrote down the recipes she was interested in, so now she just needed to buy the ingredients.

She put the little boy into the shopping cart and pushed it around the supermarket. "It's just you and me tonight. We don't need to buy too much food. How about tofu, fried rice with diced chicken, shrimp... and vegetable porridge. Sound good, little one?"

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