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   Chapter 775 I Protect You

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Curtis smiled, "Your wife told my wife about that. She mentioned that you were going to pay the down payment for a sea-view house."

Blair exchanged a glance with Wesley, and nodded. She did tell Colleen about their plan to buy a sea-view house, but she didn't expect them to give her one.

It was an expensive gift.

Blair didn't think that Wesley would accept it. However, after hearing Curtis' explanation, Wesley grabbed the keys and handed them to Blair. "Keep them."

"But..." 'This is just too much. How can I accept it?' Blair thought, baffled.

He patted her hand to reassure her. "They tricked a large fortune out of me when they got married. Damon took one of my precious weapons, which is out of production now. It's more valuable than the car he gave you."

If that was the case, Blair thought it might be okay to accept their gifts. She nodded and took the keys from Wesley.

Next came the CEO. Carlos asked casually, "So, you're not going back to work in Y City?"

"We plan on settling down here, in A Country," Wesley said. He and Blair had discussed it earlier. They wanted to stay by their parents' side and raise their kid here, alongside them.

Carlos nodded understandingly. He took out a folder, put it on the rotary table and gave the table a twirl. When the folder was in front of Blair, he said to Wesley, "Your wife is a translator, isn't she? I have set up a translation company in A Country." He then looked at Blair. "You will be the legal representative. Take it."

Wesley fell silent again, for much longer this time. Everyone looked at him mischievously, waiting for his reaction. Finally, he broke the silence and spoke. "You guys are doing this on purpose, aren't you?"

"Yes." Carlos smirked.

Wesley turned to Blair. "Honey, return all the gifts." He then scanned his friends and added, "I will buy my wife everything she wants. I can afford them. Do you have to make me look bad?"

And they all seemed to know what his wife wanted and liked! He sulked at the thought.

Blair put all the keys and the folder on the table.

Damon teased, "Blair, you're such an obedient wife. But, don't listen to him this time."

Blair shook her head. "To be honest, I think that your gifts are all way too expensive. I agree with Wesley; we should return them to you."

Damon guffawed, "Do you know what your husband gave Carlos on his wedding day?"

Blair nodded. Although she wasn't staying with Wesley at the time, she knew that he had given Carlos a large sum of money as gift. She just didn't know the exact amount.

"USD 6, 660, 000. That's more than en

and swollen.

While everybody was having breakfast, he called his wife and complained, "Honey, you know what? Last night, after you left, these people didn't care about me at all. They just let me fight a stone lion in my drunken state. My hands are bruised..."

The Li family members had a hearty laugh.

After breakfast, Wesley went to work. Blair and their son were the only ones at home.

They looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Gifford only knew that Blair was his mommy, but that was all. He didn't know what "Mommy" meant to him. Ever since his birth, his mommy had been lying in bed, and then after she woke up, she was weak and had to recover her health. So, most of the time, the little boy was taken care of by his grandparents and dad. He was closer to Wesley than Blair.

She felt sad and her eyes brimmed with tears. When she had finally woken up from her long sleep, their son was already over a year old. Now, he was almost two, but she still hadn't done anything that a mother was supposed to do. Wesley did everything. Her heart ached. She stepped forward and tried to interact with her son. "Hi baby. I'm your mommy."

The little boy nodded and called out sweetly, "Mommy..."

"Do you know Mommy's name?"

"Yes. Blair."

She smiled widely. "Are you hungry? Want to eat something?"

"No." He shook his head. The little boy was so adorable! Blair loved him.

"Shall we go out and have some fun? What do you think?"

"Yay!" The little boy jumped with joy, and then added, "I… protect you."

Blair chuckled under her breath. "I'm the one who should protect you. You are my little boy." 'My two-year-old boy said that he would protect me. How cute!' She was amused by her own son's words.

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