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   Chapter 774 Moved To Tears

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"No, no. It's not like that..." Debbie shook her head vigorously as she noticed the look in Carlos' eyes. She realized that her big mouth might have gotten her in trouble. The singer might have earned herself another sleepless night.

Blair's face was red with embarrassment as she heard the group of friends talking about the men's strong waists. Damon echoed the joke. "Oh, I see! Niles told me that Blair visited a gynecologist once. So Wesley indeed has a strong waist!"

Everyone in the room was grown-up. Of course, they understood what he meant. They all joked around with Blair, laughing and making off-color comments.

With his own name being brought up all of a sudden, Niles panicked and jerked his head to look at Wesley. He looked at him with sad, puppy-dog eyes and explained, "Don't look at me. I didn't tell him anything!"

Blair felt so embarrassed. How did Niles know? Thanks to Damon's big mouth, now everyone knew!

"What are you talking about? I didn't. Niles lied to you," the bride denied, her face now a deep shade of red. She wished the ground would open and swallow her whole.

Wesley squinted at Niles. "It's my big day. So you got lucky. Tomorrow, you'll know."


"Out of my way! I'm taking my wife to our wedding now!" Wesley carried his blushing bride in his arms and headed to the bridal car.

Ten green off-road vehicles led the way, followed by dozens of black and red supercars, all luxury models bankrolled by ZL Group.

The procession of fantastic cars caught the attention of all the passersby along the road. It was a breathtaking spectacle. People stopped and took out their phones to snap pictures.

In the wedding hall of the hotel, the guests were all seated. Among them, the large group of soldiers dressed in green uniforms made a magnificent sight. They were all Wesley's former comrades-in-arm.

Adalson, clad in his dress uniform, walked Blair down the aisle and gave her to Wesley. Without exchanging a word, the two men saluted each other, and a look passed between them. Adalson's look meant, "Take care of her." In Wesley's gaze, he could see an unspoken vow to do just that.

The ceremony was both solemn and happy.

About halfway through the reception, Wesley bounded up on stage, grabbed the microphone, and took in how his wife looked. Blair wore a scintillating white wedding gown. He said in an affectionate voice, "My lovely wife, thank you for waiting for me for the last 15 y

flashed a helpless smile. "I'd never dream of it. To cheat on a wonderful woman like you is a crime. Besides, I want to live."

"Great. So when are we getting married? My mom keeps nagging me about this every day," Garnet complained as she took his arm.

"Everything's ready. Just wait for your vacation."

"Really? You're so efficient. I like that. Okay, I'm going to find my CO and ask for some leave!" she said excitedly.

"Okay." Dixon looked at her, eyes full of love.

Now, Wesley and Blair's reception ended, but their life together was just beginning. After sending off the guests, Wesley booked a private room in the hotel and arranged another party with their close friends.

The kids went to their grandparents. So the guests at the party had not a care in the world.

Damon threw a set of car keys to Wesley. "Your wife had her eye on the latest model produced by ZL Group," he explained. "Consider this a wedding gift."

Blair gaped at him. 'That car is worth a million easy. He gave it to me?'

Wesley had wanted to buy that car for Blair, but he hadn't had the chance. He was hard at work preparing for the wedding. He didn't expect Damon would do that for them. Without the slightest of hesitation, he took the keys and handed them to his wife. "Thanks!"

Curtis pushed his spectacles up, cleared his throat and said, "I heard your wife wanted a house in Cloud Mountain. Right? With a view of the sea? I just bought one. Two hundred square meters. Is that roomy enough? Here, take the keys. You can move in at any time."

Wesley was silent for a while. He didn't hurry to take the keys. "How did you know?"

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