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   Chapter 773 The Wedding

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The scene became clearer in Blair's mind. She finally remembered it. "You didn't tell me what was in the envelope back then. And I did open it and check the next day. But, there was nothing inside."

"Because I had removed the marriage licenses. I planned to tell you the truth when I proposed to you. But I didn't expect that Niles would let slip to you beforehand," Wesley explained.

Blair let out a chuckle. She looked up at the sky, holding back the tears that had sprung to her eyes because she was so moved. "You should be thanking Niles. If it weren't for him, you wouldn't have made up your mind to marry me."

"What do you mean? What does Niles have to do with this?" he asked, confused.

Memories came flooding to her mind. It had been years ago. She had experienced near-death situations twice in these past years. To Blair, the most important thing was to cherish her hard-earned happiness. So, she was going to break her promise with Niles. She hoped that the poor guy would be strong enough to sustain Wesley's blows. "The wine we drank that night was from Niles. He had opened it before sending it to me."

Wesley was a clever man. In an instant, he made sense of the situation. His face darkened as he realized that it was actually Niles who had drugged the two of them. "I will punch him to a pulp when I see him!"

"Why do you want to punch him? Are you regretting your decision to marry me?" she asked with a pout.

Wesley calmed down at once. "No!"

"If you hadn't slept with me that night, you wouldn't have taken the move to secretly register our marriage. So, you have to thank him if you genuinely wish to marry me now." It was Niles who had given them the push.

"Then, say yes." He was still on one knee, waiting for her reply to his proposal. He also knew that a bunch of people were hiding to their front-left, watching them in excitement.

Blair wrapped her arms around his neck, closed her eyes and planted a kiss on his forehead. He felt a warm tear drop on his face. Then, her tender voice rang in his ears. "Yes."

She loved him so much, yet she had refused his proposal the first time. But this time, she wanted to make him smile.

Wesley and Gifford were the two most important people in her life.

Wesley had thought that she would reject his proposal again. It surprised him that she said yes this time. So, for a moment, he was stunned, not knowing how to react. His dazed look amused Blair. Her tea

e girls at the gate knew it, the groom and his men were already inside the yard. One of them turned around and screamed out loud when she saw the ten-odd guys in the yard. The other guests broke into a fit of laughter when they saw the funny scene.

But after storming to the second floor, they had no ways to break into the bride's bedroom. Wesley could easily open the door with an iron wire. But that was an inappropriate thing to do on his wedding day.

Left with no choice, the men gave in and did whatever the bridesmaids asked them to do. They even gave them a lot of thick red envelops.

It was only in such occasions that the girls could freely play tricks on these high-ranking men. So, of course, they wouldn't miss the chance.

Wesley was asked to find the bride's shoes, do sit-ups and push-ups, and eat an apple that was made to bob in the air. But whatever it was, he did it at top speed, which shocked everyone.

Normally, men could do around forty push-ups in a minute. But Wesley did sixty!

Amazed by the groom's strong physique, Debbie exclaimed, "I heard that our bride loves the groom's strong waist. She did mention that he has amazing stamina. Now, I believe the rumors. Sixty push-ups in a minute! Bravo!"

"Ha-ha..." Laughter filled the house.

Carlos cast a contemplative look at his excited wife. 'I see. I've been out on too many business trips. My wife has been lonely for a whole week. It's my fault.'

Wesley looked at Debbie and said in a calm voice, "When Carlos still served in the army, he was on par with me. So, are you saying that you love Carlos because he has a strong waist too?"

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