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   Chapter 772 Will You Marry Me

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6904

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As soon as Wesley said goodbye, he sensed someone else in the room. He looked inside and his eyes widened.

"Honey? Why are you here?" He quickly strode towards Blair and wrapped her in his arms. "You're still sick. You shouldn't have come here."

Blair raised her head to look at him with a smile. "I'm feeling fine. I came to check on Miss Zhuge. Wesley, how could you let her stay in such a lousy hotel?"

Without even looking at Stella, he replied, "I have no money."

Blair glared at him with feigned anger. "Liar! If you didn't have any money, then how could you afford to buy me that expensive bracelet?"

"Well, I spent it all. Now shush! You're not fully recovered yet. You shouldn't be talking too much. Let's go home." Wesley scooped her up in his arms.

"Okay." She locked her arms around his neck and pecked him on the cheek.

They started making their way towards the door. When they passed Stella, Wesley said, "Miss Zhuge, after the group-buying discount, the room cost $507 for the past three days. We'll round that amount to $500. And the three meals came up to $45. So, that's $545. Please return the money as soon as possible."

"Wesley! You!" Stella's blood boiled with rage and humiliation.

"What? Did you think I was doing all this out of the goodness of my heart?" Wesley smirked.

Blair tried to stifle her laughter. "Darling, it's just a few hundred bucks. Let's just think of it as a little financial help for Miss Zhuge."

"All right, honey. If you say so." He carried Blair out of the hotel and to the parking lot.

Gently, he placed her in the passenger seat and buckled her up. She looked irresistibly attractive today. Wesley leaned towards her for a kiss.

But Blair covered his mouth with her hand.

Only then did he notice that the smile had vanished from her face. 'I knew it!

I knew she was only pretending as if she didn't care, ' he thought.

"Explain. Don't tell me this was a mission! I won't buy it," she demanded. If it had been some other woman in that hotel, Blair might have thought it poss

se to her.

He looked up at the national flag. "I thought I belonged to the country and the people. I never wanted a family. I was afraid that I was incapable of making anyone happy."

But ever since Blair walked into his life, he realized that he was wrong. He wanted her to be happy. And he now knew that he could make her happy.

He was grateful that they had met and had ended up together.

And Wesley knew that he would regret it for the rest of his life if he let her go.

"What made you change your mind?" Blair asked with a smile.

"You. I love you. I want you to be happy. Blair, will you marry me?" Worried that she would turn him down again, Wesley had sent everybody away and made the playground theirs alone.

Eyes brimming with tears, Blair asked, "Didn't you secretly get our marriage certificates years ago?"

"I didn't intend to keep it from you. I wanted to give it to you as a surprise. But you threw the certificates away." Wesley's voice was low.

'I threw them away? When?' Blair reflected. Then she remembered that he had once given her a file and she had thrown it away angrily.

It was a long time ago. Wesley thought that she might not remember it anymore. So he continued, "That day, I gave you an envelope containing our marriage certificates. But you discarded it without even looking inside." He had been heartbroken back then.

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