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   Chapter 769 My Silly Woman

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Blair didn't understand. Her eyes were open the whole time. Why did Wesley blame her for not opening her eyes to look at Chubby Monkey?

As she was trying to figure this out, Wesley turned and carried Chubby Monkey away, saying that he was taking Chubby Monkey to meet his new mom.

Blair was heartbroken. She yelled Wesley's name as she dashed towards the black hole as fast as her two feet could carry her.

She jumped into it and started falling. It was so dark she had to close her eyes. Darkness always scared her. The sensation of falling gave her vertigo.

She didn't know how much time had passed. When she opened her eyes again, a bright light could be seen. The glare forced her to shut her eyes again.

She didn't know where she was. The air smelled of roses.

But she hadn't found Wesley yet. She couldn't keep her eyes shut. She'd never see him that way.

She tried to open her eyes, and that was when she saw Wesley.

Their eyes met. He looked happy and affectionate. "Chubby Monkey..." she said in a hoarse voice.

Wesley was confused. "What's this about a monkey?"

Blair shook her head. "My son..."

The joy in his eyes faded. "Honey, shouldn't I be the one you want to see most?"

"You're taking my son away..." She was so weak she started gasping for air.

Wesley kissed her on the lips. His eyes reddened with tears. "Honey, I missed you so much."

"Chubby Monkey... No... My son..." Blair had never seen her son before. Did he look like the Chubby Monkey in her dream?

Wesley called the family physician first. Then he called Cecelia to ask her to bring Gifford upstairs.

When Cecelia saw that Blair was awake, she laughed and cried tears of joy. "Ah! Blair, you're finally awake!"

"Mom..." Blair called weakly. But her eyes quickly landed on the little guy standing beside Cecelia. He was clutching a toy, staring at her.

And he did look exactly like Chubby Monkey.

Wesley gestured Gifford to come forward. "Your

and Patty, but he still wanted to prove his innocence.

The video had been saved on his phone. He had been waiting to play it for her.

In the video, Wesley and Patty were in a room together. It was gray, featureless, and there was almost no furniture but a table and chair. It looked like an interrogation. She could hear their voices.

"That night, after I drove you home, I got a phone call from the police on my way home. They asked me to go to the police station because Patty told them she'd only talk if I was there. So I came by to make sure she kept her word. I drove to the police station. When you called, I was in the middle of the interrogation." Blair learned the rest from the video.

Realizing what exactly happened that night, she felt embarrassed for having been mad at Wesley. She pushed the phone away and said, "I said I believed you. Why did you show me this?"

Wesley raised his brow and closed the video. "So you said. But I know you. Did you know how focused you were on the video just now?"

Blair blushed. 'He knows everything.'

"Blair, you silly woman." 'She isn't smart. Too naive by half, too gullible.

But she's my silly woman. I love her. I love everything about her.'

Blair stuck out her tongue. "Stop nagging me. It will only make me sillier," she protested.

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