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   Chapter 768 Could You Open Your Eyes And Hold Him

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'After she wakes up, I'll help her glow like a mother-to-be again, ' Wesley mused.

Gifford Li crawled forward towards Blair and sat on her leg, looking at the woman who was asleep every time he saw her. She wasn't very interesting to him.

Wesley thought Gifford Li might call Blair "Mama." That was doable, but the child made no sound. So Wesley patted him on his bottom and urged, "Mama."

"Mama," Gifford Li called, reaching out his tiny hand to grab Blair's. Blair's hair had grown much longer. A few strands had fallen loose, covering her forehead. Wesley tenderly tucked it behind her ear.

"Honey, our son's here to see you. You've been sleeping a long time. Could you open your eyes and hold him?"

There was no change. She still had her eyes shut, her breathing regular.

"Honey, the Spring Festival is just around the corner. What are you wanting? Tell me. I'll buy it for you. You said you wanted to buy me a down jacket. You always said I wasn't wearing enough. If you get up, we can go shopping with our son."

Gifford Li held Blair's finger and shook it. "Mama," he called lightly.

Wesley stroked his head and said, "Attaboy. Keep saying it. When your mom hears you, she'll wake up."

Later, after placing Gifford Li on the sofa, he fetched a basin of water, grabbed a towel and started cleaning Blair's body. Meanwhile, he kept an eye on his son.

Two hours later, carrying Gifford Li, Wesley walked out of the ward and into the attending physician's office.

"I want to take my wife home," he said simply.

The doctor thought about it and then replied, "I know. But you don't have the necessary medical equipment at home."

"My brother's a surgeon. He's going to be living with me for some time after his wedding. Tell me what kind of equipment we need, and I'll buy it. He knows med-techs, and they can set it up."

Niles and Irene were getting married. At Cecelia's request, he transferred to a hospital up in his hometown so he could be closer.

"Okay. Let's go over instructions for outpatient care a

o meet your new mom."

Cecelia was also perplexed. But Wesley took her outside the room.

Blair was in the middle of a dream. A long one. She saw many people in her dream. And she was with her parents again.

They lived in a beautiful place. And it was just the three of them there. They were very happy.

Then one day, a chubby little guy came into their life. He looked exactly like her, and he even called her "Mama."

She liked this little guy, because he looked like her, and acted like Wesley.


Only then did she remember Wesley.

She had lost her Wesley! She started looking for him everywhere, going up streets, and down alleys. Her utopia was now far away, barely visible on the horizon. But she couldn't find him anywhere.

The Chubby Monkey followed her around.

After more searching, Blair was exhausted. She kept hearing voices, but she couldn't figure out where they were coming from. Joslyn and Debbie were calling her. Cecelia was crying. The Chubby Monkey was saying good night to her. But where was Wesley?

She kept walking and searching until she reached the end of the world. Ahead was a huge black hole, through which she saw Wesley.

The Chubby Monkey ran into his arms immediately.

Then she heard Wesley promise him they would find him a new mom, because Blair wouldn't even open her eyes to look at him.

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