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   Chapter 767 Let’s Go See Your Mom

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The little one was saying something in his own language; Wesley had no idea what his son was going on about.

Everything was fine until the baby's forehead creased, and his face turned red.

A second later, a quirky odor filled the air.

Wesley sniffed and looked around, but was still unsure where it was coming from.

Then, he glanced at the little guy's face again. 'Ah!' Wesley thought and his eyes landed on the diaper wrapped around his son's bottom.

The little guy had been in an incubator for half a month after his birth.

Wesley had been busy moving the base of his organization from Z Country to A Country. While he was home, he usually just hugged his son for a while and then quickly got back to work. So, before today, it was Cecelia who had taken care of the baby's needs.

This was the first time he was facing this "situation."

Even so, he had the basic knowledge to know that it was time to change the diaper. This was a tricky task for the new father. Wesley hesitated for a while, then called Cecelia on the phone. "Mom, I need a diaper up here."

Cecelia came upstairs with a clean diaper, a pack of wet napkins and a box of tissues.

"Hello, my cutie-pie! Who just poo-pooed, huh?" she said to her grandson with a wide smile.

The baby started kicking and waving his arms because of the discomfort caused by the wet diaper.

Cecelia pushed Wesley aside and said, "Leave it to me."

He didn't move. "Let me." Once the base of his organization was relocated to A Country, he would have plenty of time with his son. There were so many things that he needed to learn. He decided to start now.

Cecelia was worried that he wouldn't be able to do it properly, but after a moment's hesitation, she handed the napkins, tissues and diaper to him. "All right. You're the father. You need to know how to do all this."

Under her guidance, Wesley took off the little boy's pants, revealing his smooth, soft, chubby legs. 'Adorable, ' Wesley thought with a smile. He held those tiny legs in one hand and tore the diaper open with the other. Instantly, the odor hit his nose.

What he saw on the diaper made him wince. This was his first time changing a diaper, and it wasn't a pleasurable experience.

Seeing the frown on his face, Cecelia said sternly, "Your dad changed your diapers all the time when you

'Blair never shows her weakness to anyone. And she is anything but mediocre. Without her support and patience, I would never have achieved so much in my life.'

He had come face-to-face with life-threatening dangers countless times. She had been the ray of light giving him faith, courage and energy to move further. At every crucial juncture, he thought of her and told himself that he had to survive, because she was still waiting for him. And he still owed her a wedding, a future. Even now, she gave him the strength to move forward. He still held on and overcame every seemingly impossible mission.

No doubt Wesley was a hero. But Blair was the reason behind his every success.

He missed her. He took his son from the captain's arms and said to the baby, "Let's go see if your mom has woken up. If she hasn't, then you and I will wake her up."

The captain felt a pang of pain. He patted Wesley on the shoulder, but left his words unsaid. After saying goodbye to Keith and Cecelia, he walked out of the Li Residence with Wesley.

After the guest's car drove off, Wesley walked with his son towards the entrance of the apartment complex.

For the convenience of visiting Blair, Wesley had her transferred to the hospital near their home.

In the ward, he put his son on the bed next to his mother and told him, "Gifford, say hi to your mom. Say 'Wake up, Mommy.'"

Holding her hand, Wesley took out a ring from his pocket and put it on her finger. She was so thin now that the ring did not fit anymore. But Wesley insisted that she wear it.

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