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   Chapter 766 If We Meet In The Next Life

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8295

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Blair coughed up more blood. Cecelia came to the park to look for her, and happened to see her lying in Wesley's arms, drenched in blood.

Cecelia screamed, and her legs went soft like noodles. She almost collapsed to the ground.

It took a while before she came to. Some of Wesley's men had treated her for shock. The first thing she did when she awoke was throw off the blankets they were keeping her warm with. She fumbled for her phone. With trembling hands, she dialed Baldwin's number. "Hu-hurry! Something happened! In the...park!" she stammered.

Blair felt so feeble. Her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. She was passing in and out of consciousness. Wesley and the soldiers tore their clothes to strips to use them as bandages to soak up the blood.

She was dying. But there was something she had to tell him. "Wesley, I'm sorry I said no to marriage. I love you. I never stopped—" Wesley couldn't listen to her anymore. His heart was torn to ribbons, all his dreams came crashing down. His blood felt like icewater. He held her tightly and kissed her.

The kiss tasted bloody. Blair didn't want him to kiss her like that, so she tried to push him away, but she was too weak to do anything.

When he let her go, both his mouth and face were covered with blood. "Where is the damn ambulance?" he shouted.

"Chief, I told them to hurry. They're stuck in traffic. They'll be here as soon as they can."

Blair slowly reached out a hand to caress Wesley's face. "Don't...don't be mad... If...if we meet in the next life, will you like me first?"

People said it was easier for a girl to chase a guy, rather than the reverse.

But why had it been so hard for her to chase him?

If he flirted with her in their next life, she'd say yes in a heartbeat. He was so handsome, masculine and capable. Girls were naturally drawn to him. He didn't talk much, embodying the strong, silent type. And yes, he had flaws. Big ones. Sometimes he could be a pain in the ass, but most of the time she thought him adorable.

He was her Wesley. Her beloved one.

"Quit talking like that! Fuck the next life—I want you in this one! You gotta live! I need to step up my boyfriend game. I'll bring you flowers every day, ask you out, and take you on trips. You can wear whatever bikini you like. I'll buy you oden and bubble tea. We'll go to the movies. I'll take you anywhere you want to go. You have a lot to live for. Keep your eyes open! If you sleep, I'll hunt you do

both hands. Feeling how soft they were, he loosened his grip. "Don't move! Ten-hut!" he commanded again as if he were training his soldiers. Well, this one was definitely his youngest soldier ever. As such, he'd probably need more drills.

When his orders were ignored again, Wesley pointed at the baby and reprimanded, "If you can't keep still, I'll hand you over to the honor guard. Then you will know what rigorous is."

Instead of being scared, the baby chuckled.

"Huh? Wipe that smirk off your face. You think I'm bluffing, don't you?" Wesley released the baby's legs and crossed his arms over his chest. "Your mom is the only one I couldn't tame. You're just a little guy wearing a diaper. How hard can it be?"

The baby thought Wesley was teasing him, and laughed heartily. All of a sudden, his hand didn't seem to be such fun anymore. He stopped chewing it and started flailing his limbs joyfully.

He slobbered as he giggled.

Seeing that, Wesley took out his phone. "I have to get a pic of that; you drooling with that goofy smile. And I'll show it to everyone at your wedding."

Then he snapped a pic. When he had taken enough pictures, he opened the album on his phone to admire his work.

He had to say his son looked good on camera, and he was so cute.

Wesley scrolled down, and soon stopped at a picture of a woman.

His eyes froze and grew even more affectionate. He showed the picture to the little guy and said, "This is your mom. Her name is Blair Jing... Blair Jing..." After putting his phone away, he went on, "Learn to call 'Mom' diligently. Don't slack off. To give birth to you, your mom chose you over me."

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