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   Chapter 765 It's His Baby

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Niles was hurt that Wesley would assume that. "I wanted to tell you, but you didn't give me a chance!" he protested.

Wesley released his brother and took a few deep breaths to calm himself. After a while, he asked Niles, "So, she's pregnant?"


"How long?"

"Nine months." Pretty soon, Blair would give birth, and then Wesley could be by her side.

'Nine months! That means she was pregnant when she left me. It's my kid!'

Wesley thought. A myriad of emotions flooded through him. He really hated his brother for keeping it a secret. He cocked his fist, ready to pound Niles' face in. His brother squeezed his eyes shut. Just as Niles thought he was doomed, the fist whizzed past his ear and hit the tree behind him. The tree trembled from the impact.

Wesley couldn't wait to see Blair, so he commandeered a helicopter and flew out to see her. Helicopters aren't known for their range, but in this case it was sufficient for the distance he had to cover.

The helicopter settled onto the helipad at the military base. The moment he alighted, an officer came over and saluted. "Wesley, you're just in time. I have something—"

"Sorry, sir. I have something else to deal with. I'm heading home."

"That's what I wanted to tell you. Remember that criminal cabal you and Carlos rooted out? Well, you didn't get all of them, and they found out where your family lives. You'll want some soldiers as backup. This might get ugly." Wesley stopped in his tracks.

This was something that worried him greatly. After mulling it over for a bit, he brought a few soldiers and drove to where the Li family lived.

However, just as he got out of his car, his battle-honed senses told him something was wrong. He immediately dropped to the ground, and narrowly avoided a bullet. One of the people had been lying in wait. Judging by the fact that what he heard was the gun and not the report, the guy must have installed a suppressor.

Wesley rolled underneath the car, not wanting the sniper to be able to draw a bead on him. A shot hit the ground near him just as he rolled, and he was able to figure out where his attacker was.

He knew it wasn't humanly possible to dodge a bullet. He'd seen the Matrix, and his name wasn't Neo. The best way to avoid a bullet is not to be in the line of fire. If the gun has already fired, it's too late. Bullets travel faster than the sound of a gun. By the time you hear it, you've already been hit.

More soldiers left the car, using it to shield them. Their guns ha

th heartache. "Blair, I told you to shut up!" he ordered.

Blair gave him a smile. "I forgive you...for marrying Patty... I know...she seduced you... You've been with her...for two years, and you...must have slept with her. I forgive you for this. Will you please forgive me... for not saying yes...when you proposed?" It was something she felt guilty about for a long time.

"Fuck! I've never slept with another woman. I only have one woman, and that's you!" Wesley shouted.

Blair was elated when she heard his explanation. "Wesley...if I don't make it...please save our baby... I've never been strong...and it makes no difference if I'm gone... But our baby is different... It's a boy... He'll be a good man like you...Wesley..."

She vomited another mouthful of blood, which stained their clothes red, stinging his eyes.

Wesley looked at the dying Blair, and tears fell for the first time since he could remember. He constantly wiped the blood on Blair's mouth. Tears fell down her face and mingled with the blood. He pressed down on the makeshift bandage to stop the blood that had been pooling there. She cried out sharply.

Blair was shocked to see Wesley cry for the first time. His men were surprised as well.

Blair's heart ached. This man must really love her!

She didn't want him to cry for her. He was a hero, and heroes didn't cry.

"Don't cry," she said weakly.

"Shut up!" he spat. He moved the bandages, tearing off more pieces from his shirt to replace the ones that were now sticky and red.

"One more word, and I'll kiss you. I know you hate public displays of affection. If you talk, I'll kiss you in front of everyone," he threatened.

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