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   Chapter 764 Mom's Bestie Is Blair

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"Yeah. You did ask me to tell Wesley that you were staying with us," Niles nodded. He did tell him, but it was just that he always referred to Blair as "Mom's bestie."

Blair took a large bite of the apple in her hand. "I've been staying quietly at home every day, taking good care of myself and the baby in my belly. What a caring mother I've been so far! I wonder if your brother has been loyal to me all this time."

Niles nodded his head and assured her, "Don't worry, Blair. My brother won't fall for another woman."

"Yeah, you are right." She threw the apple core into the bin and wiped her hands with a wet tissue. "Are you not leaving today?" she asked.

Niles cared deeply for his future nephew and would fly to A Country twice a month just to check on Blair.

"I'm leaving. Irene is waiting for me." Speaking of Irene, he felt both happy and annoyed.

Irene was a singer, and for the sake of her career, she chose to keep their relationship from the public. The two of them had to go out on dates secretly.

"Why not just marry her as soon as possible? Then, I can hang out with her," Blair suggested excitedly.

At that moment, Cecelia walked into the room with a bowl of hot soup. "Blair is right. Since you two love each other so much, you should get married soon." Then, she turned to Blair. "Here, have some soup."

Blair pouted; she had gained weight in the past few months. "Mom, I don't feel like eating now. I just had an apple." Cecelia cooked delicious food for her every day, and Blair had gained thirty pounds already. What if Wesley failed to recognize her when they finally met?

The loving mother-in-law put the bowl on the tea table before Blair. "You must eat. Don't worry about your weight. Only your belly is bigger; your limbs are still as thin as ever. After giving birth to my dear grandson, you'll return to your normal size."

Left with no choice, Blair picked up the bowl and started to eat the soup.

When she was done with that, Cecelia gave her a handful of nuts. "Eat. Nuts are good for both you and your baby."

Blair sighed and received them. She knew that Cecelia wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Good girl. Do you want to go to the art exhibition today? A friend of mine has invited me."

"Sure." She was bor


"Cabo de Hornos," Wesley simply said.

Niles' face twitched. 'Oh my God! That can't be good.'

The Chilean town, Cabo de Hornos, was the farthest town from A Country. If you went straight east from the Pacific Ocean, there was a minimum distance of more than 20, 000 kilometers. And if you went straight west from the Atlantic, that distance was also about 20, 000 kilometers.

Cabo de Hornos was the southernmost town, closest to the South Pole.

"Then, you'll have to go to Cabo de Hornos to look for Blair," Niles said hastily.

"Blair is in Chile?" Wesley asked in shock. He hadn't sent his men there to look for Blair. He didn't think she would be able to stay for long in a place near the South Pole. There were very few people there, and the town was called the end of the world.

Niles shook his head. "If you send Mom's bestie there, then Blair would be there."

"What nonsense are you—" Wesley choked on his next words and stood frozen in his spot. He stared at Niles fiercely, and his pupils gradually grew larger. His voice was hoarse from excitement. "You mean… Mom's bestie is... Blair?" He was too thrilled to speak properly.

No wonder he was unable to find her. He had asked his men to look for Blair all over the world, but he had never thought of the possibility that she would be in the Li family's residence.

Niles nodded innocently. His brother had finally realized it.

"Why didn't you tell me this sooner?" Wesley roared. He really wanted to strangle Niles to death.

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