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   Chapter 763 Mom's Bestie

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Wesley called Carlos and asked him about Blair. All Carlos said was, "Blair wanted to leave you. I only offered her a little help." His words stabbed Wesley right in the heart.

Carlos was right. If Blair didn't want to leave him, she would have told Wesley that Carlos had offered to help her leave.

But she hadn't. Her departure had come without warning.

Wesley went to England for advanced studies in business. But he quit not long after.

He found himself not interested in business at all. Instead, he chose to take up the position as the leader of a newly-established organization of the country.

Although he was busy, Wesley never gave up on looking for Blair. He had asked his people to search for her everywhere, including foreign countries.

Something really strange was going on. It was like she had fallen off the map.

In A Country

Two women were shopping in the mall, walking hand in hand. One of the salespeople in the store looked at them with admiration and said, "Looks like the two of you are very close. Are you sisters?"

The two women looked at each other and said in unison, "Yes, we are."

The saleslady then looked at Cecelia and asked, "You are the elder sister, and she is the younger one. Am I right?"

"That's right." Cecelia was delighted by her comments and ended up buying many things from her store.

A rich lady passing by happened to hear their conversation and left the store without greeting Cecelia. She went back home in a hurry and called her friends one after another. "Hey, did you hear? The Li family is in a lot of trouble."

"What happened?"

"Baldwin has a mistress. And his wife has accepted it. I saw Cecelia and the mistress shopping together. They called themselves sisters. The mistress is young and pretty, and it looks like she is pregnant! Her belly is not that big yet, but I could tell from the way she was walking."

"Huh? You've got to be kidding! Baldwin is such an upright man. Besides, he spoils Cecelia so much and everybody knows that he loves her. How's it possible for him to have a mistress?"

The rich lady blew on her nails and retorted, "Come on! No matter how much he loves Cecelia, she is still an old woman now. The mistress is young. She looks like she's still in her twenties. Men like young girls, you know."

"'re right."

need to take better care of yourself." 'After all, you'll be a father soon, ' Niles thought.

"I know."

In order to give Wesley a hint about Blair, Niles tried to talk a lot with him, but Wesley didn't get it and even tried to hang up multiple times.

"Mom's bestie had a 4D color ultrasonic diagnosis today. Wesley, it's a boy!" Niles said excitedly. 'I'm going to have a nephew. I hope this boy tortures his father to his best ability, ' he thought mischievously.

"Niles, are you out of your damn mind? I don't freaking care!" Wesley roared into his phone.

"Easy, man!" Niles shuddered and cast a pitiful glance at the woman sitting opposite him and casually eating an apple. It was Blair who had forced him to update Wesley about the child.

"If you don't have anything important to say, then get lost!"

Niles knew that his brother was about to hang up. "Wesley, any news on Blair?" he pried.

The mere mention of her made Wesley angrier. After all, he hadn't seen her in months. "No! Fuck off!"

He hung up angrily.

With his phone in his hand, Niles looked at Blair and pouted, "You heard him. He hasn't had any news of you yet. You can rest easy now. My brother is a smart guy; why is he being so stupid this time? I've given subtle hints so many times, yet he doesn't get it at all. He can't blame me, right?"

Blair nodded, "He can't blame me either. I'm right here, with his family. That means I never left him."

"Yeah!" Niles nodded in agreement.

"I asked you to tell him that I was staying here, didn't I?" she asked.

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