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   Chapter 762 It's Been Ten Years

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7657

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Blair thought that Wesley would be disappointed after being turned down. However, he simply lowered his head and flashed a smile. He didn't look embarrassed at all.

She was confused. 'When I proposed to him and was turned down, I was so angry and disappointed. But he doesn't seem affected by my refusal at all.'

The soldiers who had been cheering stopped and began to talk among themselves. "Chief was right all along. He knew that she wouldn't say yes."

"If he already knew, then why did he still propose to her?"

"She had proposed to him a few years ago, and he too had refused her at the time. Maybe he just wanted to make her feel happy."

Wesley got to his feet and took the ring out of the box. "It's your choice to turn me down, but I insist on marrying you. I'm putting the ring on your finger,"

he said. He wasn't surprised at all. It would have been strange if Blair hadn't turned him down.

After all, he had hurt her so many times during the past few years. He didn't blame her for turning him down.

He only hoped that she would feel better and forget about the miserable past after getting the chance to turn him down just the way he had done to her.

Staring at the shining diamond ring on her finger, Blair stammered in a guilty voice, "Wesley, I—"

He interrupted her, "You turned me down this time. But I won't give up. I'll keep proposing to you until you say yes." If she didn't say yes soon, their wedding would have to be postponed. He didn't want this to happen.

He had promised her that he would throw a wedding after coming back from D City, and he meant to keep that promise. He would make her say yes willingly.

Wesley took her to where Joslyn was standing, wide-mouthed. She patted the back of Blair's hand lightly and said, "Are you an idiot? You have been in love with him since you were seventeen. Now, you are twenty-seven! It's been ten years. You've long been looking forward to marrying this man. Why did you turn him down? Are you mad?"

Joslyn wished she could open up Blair's skull and look what her brain was made of.

Wesley held Blair's hand and told Joslyn, "She just got back at me for turning her down last time. And now, we are even. When I propose to her next time, she will say yes." He turned to Blair. "You will

morning. "I have a suggestion. You can stay with the Li family in A Country," Carlos proposed.

Blair sighed. "Staying with the Li family is no different than staying with Wesley."

"You don't want to leave him forever, right?" Carlos asked.

Blair didn't know how to respond. 'This man is so clever. He knows what I'm thinking. I don't know how Debbie is able to live with him.

Wesley is much easier to deal with, ' she mused.

"Wesley doesn't visit his parents often. Besides, he has decided to study in England. He may visit his parents only once before leaving. And his mom loves you a lot. If you ask her not to tell Wesley your whereabouts, she will listen to you. Staying with the Li family with Wesley's child is a good idea, isn't it?" Carlos asked.

Blair was moved by his words, and she agreed to his idea.

And that was the reason why she had to refuse Wesley's proposal. Even if she had turned Carlos down, she would still have said no to Wesley.

She wanted him to realize how desperate she had been when she was turned down.

That day, Blair left Wesley.

When he came back home, he was welcomed by an empty house. The woman who was supposed to wait for him with open arms was now gone.

What he had most dreaded had finally happened. The first person that came to his mind was Carlos, who had gotten his memories back.

But he decided not to go to Carlos yet. He had his men look for Blair everywhere. A week passed with no clues about her whereabouts. It was time to call Carlos now.

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