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Wesley finally put Blair down. The sea water reached her waist. She looked around and saw a huge rock behind her. She turned to him and asked in confusion, "Where are we? Why did you bring me here?" She thought that he was taking her back to their hotel room. It was getting dark.

Wesley held her slender waist, lowered his head and pressed his forehead against hers. "You want to wear your bikini so much, huh?" he murmured.

Blair looked at his white shirt, which had become transparent because it was wet all over. She could see his strong chest and eight-pack abs. She gulped before answering, "Yeah. I haven't had the chance to wear one before." This was the first time that she had come to the seaside. She had seen many bikini-clad models on the Internet, and she wanted to try it too.

His hands ran over her drenched body, which made her shiver.

"You should only wear it in front of me," he said. He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips as they dwelled deeper into the sea.

The water now reached Blair's chest.

Realizing what he was trying to do, Blair struggled hard and broke from of his grip. "Don't... This is a public place."

"Don't worry. Carlos has reserved the whole area. No one will interrupt us," he coaxed her.

'Wow. Just how rich is Mr. Huo?' Blair wondered. "Wesley, I can't swim. I'm afraid—"

"Trust me," Wesley interrupted her. He held her waist with one hand to prevent her from falling into the water.

And just like that time in the reed field, Wesley made love to her in the sea. The waves lashed onto their bodies and the starry sky watched them from above. Blair had to admit that it was a really special night.

The next day, Blair slept in. When she finally woke up, Wesley took her to hang out with his friends.

They were exhausted in the evening and Kinsley suggested that they should get a massage together. So, all of them went to the spa.

After getting the massage, Blair refused to talk to Wesley.

He sensed that she was pissed off about something, but didn't know what it was. When they came back to their hotel, Blair entered the room first and began to close the door. "You go sleep with Niles. I don't want to sleep with you tonight," she sai

it to him. "Mr. Huo and Debbie are blessed by fortune. They will be safe and sound. They are probably on some island, waiting for you to go rescue them."

"Mm hmm." That was exactly what he was hoping for. He wanted to put Blair's mind at ease too. She had been worried sick after Debbie had gone missing.

"I'll run a bath for you," she offered. A warm bath would help ease the exhaustion.

Wesley pulled her into his arms and made her sit on his lap, smelling her hair. "No need for that. A quick shower would be enough." He only had four hours to rest before he got back to the rescue mission. He had to find Carlos.

"All right."

Luckily, Carlos and Debbie were indeed safe just like Blair had said, and Wesley successfully rescued them from the island.

There were still many things to investigate regarding the wreck and they had to deal with the culprits, so the party was not in the mood for a vacation anymore. After their last meal together, they packed their bags and went back to their respective homes.

Blair didn't want to go anywhere in the hot summer, so she busied herself with the online translation work at home.

Wesley became busier and busier too. He even went missing for two days. When he was back, his clothes were covered in mud and blood.

Blair's heart ached when she saw him in that state. "Go get changed," she urged.

'He's a senior colonel now, yet he still has to participate in dangerous missions like this, ' she thought sadly.

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