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   Chapter 759 That's A Fake Smile

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Blair was thrilled when she saw Debbie and Colleen. Xavier had come to the resort too, but unfortunately, he got a call and then left because he had to attend to something really urgent.

Wesley didn't want Kinsley to come to this resort because he knew Blair was one of his fans. That worried him. But Kinsley was adamant about spending the holiday with his friends.

As a result, a total of nine people were spending their holidays together.

When Blair saw Kinsley, she couldn't believe her eyes. "K-K-K-K..." She was too excited to speak fluently.

Kinsley gave her a charming smile. "Kinsley. I'm Kinsley Feng. Nice to meet you, pretty lady."

Blair nodded vigorously. "Kinsley, you're much more handsome than on TV. May I... May I have your autograph? And may I have a selfie with you?" She gazed at him dreamy-eyed and hopeful.

"No problem." Kinsley smiled the warmest smile.

"One sec." Blair searched her handbag. But she had no pen. She settled on only taking the selfie.

However, before she could do so, Wesley came over, grabbed her, and pulled her into his arms. "What are you doing? He's just a regular guy." He himself didn't have a selfie with Blair. He would by no means let this happen. He scowled in Kinsley's direction.

Blair and Kinsley were rendered speechless.

Stunned, Blair knew she had to find a way to calm Wesley before the situation got worse. She left Kinsley behind and went to their hotel room with Wesley. "Don't be mad. Kinsley is my idol. Don't you have an idol?" she asked.

"Yes, I do."

"See! I knew it! Don't you want to take a selfie with your idol?"

"Yes, I do."

"Huh! Then why didn't you allow me to take a selfie with mine?" she protested.

Wesley pulled her into his arms and made her sit on his lap. "You are my idol. Can we take a selfie now?"

"Hahaha!" Blair blushed and shook her head at his words. "You naughty boy!"

"I'm not even joking." Face serious, Wesley took out his phone and opened the camera app. He raised his phone. "Say cheese."

"Cheese!" Blair responded out of instinct.

Wesley brought the phone down and checked the photo. He shook his head. "That's a fake smile you got there. Let's do it again."

Blair rolled her eyes. However, she didn't resist Wesley's demand.

Wesley to

our wife is so pretty."

Growling under his breath, Wesley released Blair. He snatched Kinsley and flung him into an incoming wave.

Water splashed in all directions. The wave washed over Kinsley. He fought to get to the surface, but the roiling water kept him down. Finally, just as it seemed he might drown, he emerged from the water, coughing and sputtering, barely able to stand.

Wesley picked Blair up and slung her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Kasie wanted to stop him, but as she reached out her hand, she saw Wesley's enraged face. She shivered, withdrew her hand and waved at Blair. "Sis, take care." Then she raised her voice and added excitedly, "Kinsley is mine now. Hahaha!"

Mired in despair, Blair tried to keep her emotions hidden. But she could not help her next words. "Kasie, you are no longer my friend."

Upon hearing that, Wesley gave her leg a hard squeeze and spat, "What? This isn't you. You want a threesome? You can't even satisfy me. Don't you remember the time I got tipsy and banged you all night? You tried to run away because you couldn't handle it." He chuckled derisively.

Blair's face was as red as a tomato. She pinched his back hard. "A threesome? You think everyone is as horny as you? Asshole! Put me down. I feel sick."

With Blair on his shoulder, Wesley ignored her for the moment and continued walking along the seaside. He made sure to bounce so she might even feel worse.

Just before Blair thought she was about to vomit, he finally let her down.

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