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   Chapter 758 She's Dead

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Wesley frowned. So, that was the reason why Megan had called him that day while he was cooking.

"Whoever did that to you, I'm sure it had nothing to do with Blair. She hasn't left my side in the past few days. I'm not going to meddle with your business anymore. Report your case to the police. Let the law help you seek the justice you deserve. I can't do anything about it."

Megan couldn't believe it. "Wesley Li! Did you forget what you and Carlos had promised to my late parents? You had vowed to take care of me for the rest of my life. How can you go back on your word now?"

A cold light flashed in Wesley's eyes as he snapped, "You are lucky that your plan failed and Blair is safe. Or else, I would have personally locked you up in jail. Carlos and I have tried our best to make it up to you and care about you. We can't do anything more than this. Of course, I can't say this on behalf of Carlos, but I, Wesley Li, will never come see you again. I'll stay out of your life, Megan, and you stay out of mine."

Saying so, he took Blair's hand and turned around to leave.

Tears streamed down Megan's face. "Uncle Wesley, please don't leave me alone. I know it was my fault...Please don't go..."

Her cries didn't soften his heart this time. Showing her no mercy, Wesley left her apartment with Blair without any hesitation.

Once they got into the car, Blair asked the man, "Are you upset?"

He squeezed her hand and answered honestly, "No. Just disappointed." Wesley wondered since when Megan had become such a vicious girl. She used to be so innocent and lovely.

Blair nodded. "Now that you know Megan's true colors, what are your thoughts about Debbie? Do you still think she is a bad woman?"

He fell silent.

She didn't press the question. Since he had promised to stay out of Megan's life, she decided to let it go. She didn't want to mention Megan's name anymore. Ever.

Soon after, Debbie got married to Ivan. Blair and Wesley were invited to attend the wedding ceremony in Z Country, but they couldn't go. For one, Wesley wasn't familiar with Ivan, and secondly, he was busy with something else that day.

Blair didn't attend the wedding because Debbie had told her that her marriage to Ivan was fake. But it had to be kept a secret for now.

However, something completely unexpected happened on


He kissed her forehead. "No, I'm not going to cry. It's only natural to have such parting moments in life." He had witnessed too many deaths in his life. Quite a few of his comrades-in-arm had died in the battlefield or during dangerous missions. He had never shed a tear over their deaths. Because he knew very well that the best way to honor them would be to give them a victory, not tears.

At least, in his case, he felt that crying wouldn't solve anything or help vent his sadness.

"Oh, you sound heartless. I bet you won't cry when I die in front of you one day," she joked.

A dash of fear gripped his heart. He couldn't bear to imagine such a scene. Tightening his grip on her, he rebuked, "Don't say such stupid things."

She chuckled. "Let's go home."

"Mm hmm."

The sky was dark with thick clouds. It looked like it would rain very soon. Wesley drove away from the cemetery without sparing the place a second glance.

They returned to their normal life after that. Nobody mentioned Megan again.

Megan owned a few houses, one of which was bought for her by Wesley, and the others were all under Carlos' name. Frankie, Carlos' assistant, had been in charge of Megan's funeral affairs and he was also taking care of her assets. He sold all of her houses, and so, a large sum of money had been transferred to Wesley's account.

He wanted to take Blair to D City, but Carlos invited them for a trip to a seaside resort. For some dramatic reason, the number of people in the tour group had increased to nine in the end.

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