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   Chapter 756 Have it Out Face To Face

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The figure who dashed out of the elevator, of course, was Wesley. Before the two men could react, Wesley leapt up in the air, stretched his leg and gave a hard kick to the back corner of one thug's jaw, where it connected to the skull. The man blacked out and collapsed. He landed gracefully. The other gangster stepped forward and threw a punch. But Wesley moved in past his punch and stomped on the other guy's instep—the top part of the foot. The crunch of bones told him he was successful. He gave him a push and he stumbled back, landing on his shattered navicular bone and metatarsals. With a shriek, he also hit the floor. Within a few seconds, the two bad men were dispatched, groaning in pain or completely passed out.

But that was not enough to vent his anger. Wesley hauled one of them to his feet, and pushed him against the wall. He grabbed the man's arm and hand, twisted it hard, and then brought the limb behind the thug's back. He pushed upwards at the same time. The maneuver dislocated the man's arm. Feeling the most intense pain he ever felt in his life, the man passed out. Then Wesley grabbed the other guy, brought his arm across the soldier's chest, and using his forearms as leverage, detached the man's bicep. He then pushed him into his buddy, and they landed in a heap.

Her heart racing, Blair clutched at her chest and gasped for air at one side. She was soon enveloped in Wesley's arms. Breathing in the familiar scent, she felt safe and relieved.

Wesley gave her a quick once-over with his eyes and asked with concern, "Am I too late? You okay?"

Blair shook her head. "No, not late..."

A shrill cry was heard from down the hall. It was Niles screaming. "Wesley, go save your brother!" she urged anxiously.

Two of the soldiers that came along followed Wesley to the fire exit, while the others guarded the two men on the floor.

Niles' date came back with a contingent of hotel security.

The girl caught up to Blair and asked worriedly, "Where's Niles?"

"He's over there. Let's go!"

"Mm Hmm."

The two women followed the soldiers to the fire exit as well. Apparently Niles was hoping to leave the building and set off the alarms, but the thugs got there first. Wesley tackled the thugs, banged their heads together, and threw them to the ground. Covering his bruised face, Niles kicked the guy who had hit him. His foot made contact with the thug's stomach and the man jumped and groa

makes mistakes or stirs up trouble, but she's not a criminal..."

"Wesley," Blair called out in a calm voice.

He was silent.

"This needs to get handled. I don't want to fight about Megan again. You have to make a choice. If you don't blame her or make her take responsibility, I want a divorce."

He grabbed hold of her wrist and took her out of the room. When they were in the quiet passage leading to the fire exit, he stared at her, stone-faced. "Talk to me again after you calm down."

"I'm calm as the sea," she replied.

"I didn't say I wouldn't hold her responsible, but I need proof." If it were Megan behind all this, he wouldn't let her off the hook. He would spare her no mercy. But he couldn't do anything without solid evidence.

She sneered, "Fine." Then she didn't say another word.

They waited for Megan in Room 301. After twenty minutes, Wesley got a call from her. "On the seventh floor, Room 301... Wait there, I'll be... I'll have someone come to escort you here." Wesley corrected his words under Blair's angry gaze.

Soon enough, Megan was led into the room. When she saw that fake innocent face, Blair got upset. She strode towards her. She really wanted to slap Megan's face, over and over.

Megan screamed as she ran towards Wesley and hid behind him. "Uncle Wesley, help!"

He grabbed Blair in his arms to keep her from attacking Megan. "Stay cool, Blair."

"Let go of me, Wesley." She glared at the man coldly.

Wesley sighed and let go of her. In an instant, she dragged the screaming girl towards the four handcuffed men. "Spill it. Is this the woman who paid you?"

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