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   Chapter 755 She Saved Herself

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8188

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The man covering Blair's mouth pushed her onto the king-sized bed. Gasping for breath, Blair scrambled back, trying to shrink into a corner furthest away from them.

She looked around the hotel room. Four large, menacing men were there, leering at her with an evil glint in their eyes.

Blair was sure that Megan was behind this.

The four men slowly approached the bed from the side. Their intentions were obvious. Blair racked her brain, trying to come up with a solution. 'What do I do? Dammit, how do I find a way out of this?'

They had confiscated her phone, so she couldn't call anyone. She had to do something to save herself.

But they were four against one. She had no one for backup, and these men looked like they could easily break her in two if they wanted.

Tears threatened to fall from her eyes as fear filled her heart. She tried to appear calm and asked casually, "Hi, guys! I don't think we've met. What do you want?"

Instead of responding to her, the men all began to unbutton their shirts and undo their belts. Blair clutched at the covers tightly, holding her breath.

One of the men finally spoke, and the words made her sick. "We want to fuck you!"

That was what she figured. She had to think fast. Blair feigned a smile and dramatically heaved a sigh of relief. "Oh, I got you. So that's what you want. No problem. I'll just do whatever you want. Just don't hurt me. I'm all yours."

The four men exchanged glances with each other. They couldn't believe what they were hearing. A red-haired man warned her, "Don't try anything!" He moved towards her.

"Hold up, Rex! Who says you get to go first? I can't wait anymore. She's so hot!" one of the other three men said.

"Right! Nice tits, long, lustrous hair, long legs. Man, I've been lonely!"

Blair was boiling with anger. She cursed these four lewd men in her mind a hundred times.

"Fine," Rex said. "Just don't mess her up." Obviously, he was the leader. The three men advanced on the bed.

Blair's face went pale. Still, she tried to keep her cool. "Wait!" she cried out sharply. She sounded too desperate there, so she tried to dial it back. "I-I want to shower first, and you guys need condoms."

"I never use condoms," Rex said evilly.

Blair nodded, "Okay. But I don't think you want what I got. Don't say I didn't warn you." She winked at them.

Burning with lust, one of them took a step forward and put a knee on the bed. But, R

the four strong men anymore. One of them pushed him out of the way. Another two advanced on him, fists clenched. He yelled at the two ladies, "Run! Get some help... Ah! You son of a bitch! Quit it! Ow! Not in the face! Even my brother wouldn't hit me there! You are so dead... Ouch!"

Blair anxiously told the girl, "Get a security guard. I'll wait here."

After a little hesitation, the girl nodded and ran to the elevator. She called the police as well.

Blair scanned the hallway, hoping to find anything she could use as a weapon.

She spotted the extinguisher. At once, she took the fire extinguisher from its case, pulled the pin and dashed towards the men who were raining blows on Niles. "Niles! Run!"

Niles caught a glimpse of the fire extinguisher in her hands. Knowing what she was planning, he quickly burst through their ranks and ran down the hall.

Blair pointed the nozzle at the men and squeezed the handle to release the extinguisher foam.

Then chaos erupted. Dripping white frothy goo, two of the four men chased after Niles. The other two wiped the mixture from their eyes and coughed, but they were starting to recover.

She lifted the fire extinguisher and threw the can at them. One of the two was hit in the head by it, groaning in pain. Blair took that chance to run away.

The other man picked up his pace to run after her. In no time, he caught up to Blair and yanked her hair violently. The man who was hit by the extinguisher also came up and grabbed her arms. They had her and she was in pain.

Right on cue, the elevator doors opened and a figure dashed out, bearing down on them.

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