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   Chapter 754 I'm With Uncle Wesley

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Cecelia smiled and said, "Okay, I see. I'm relieved to hear that."

Wesley came back home at night around 9 p.m. As soon as he came in, he saw the unexpected visitor sitting in the living room. Mother and son stared at each other for a minute, before he broke the silence in the end. "What are you doing here? Do you need something?"

"Yes." Cecelia nodded her head. "I came to see how far you two are with my grandson!"

Wesley's lips twitched. 'Grandson? Blair's not even pregnant yet.' He figured Cecelia wanted a grandson so desperately that she had lost her mind.

He hung his overcoat on the coat rack and said, "Niles is dating a girl. Go to him if you want a grandson."

Cecelia scoffed, "Who knows if he's serious with the girl? I don't trust him. You and Blair are my hope."

Her determined eyes were suggesting that she wasn't going to give in. In fact, she made it sound like she wouldn't leave their apartment unless they gave her a grandson. Wesley averted the topic and asked, "Where is my wife?"

"She's taking a bath." Suddenly, her eyes widened with excitement. "She just went in. Go, go and join her now," she urged.

Wesley was rendered speechless. What a "thoughtful" mother!

Cecelia spent the following days with them in their apartment. She showed no signs of leaving and no one asked her to leave either.

From the looks of it, she had a great time supervising the two kids every day and making sure that they went to bed on time.

Every night she would lean against the door of their bedroom and if she didn't hear a sound, she would knock just to check up on what they were doing. Tonight was the same.

Blair had a face mask on while she was chatting with Joslyn on the phone and Wesley was working on his laptop.

When Cecelia didn't hear the kind of noise she expected, she started banging on the door at once. "Wesley!"

Puzzled, Wesley rushed to the door in his pajamas afraid that something bad had happened. Cecelia peeked inside and said to him, "Where is your wife?"

He sighed and took a step backwards to let his mother see Blair.

The moment Blair looked at the door and met with Cecelia's eyes, the latter waved at her awkwardly. Cecelia pulled Wesley close and muttered, "Stop wasting time and go to bed now. Don't forget your mission. A baby! Are you feeling tired? Maybe I need to get you some Chinese medicines to give you more stamina and power..."

Exasperated, the soldier brought the palm of his hand to his face and sighed, "Mom, please stop whatever it is you think you're doing. Shouldn't you be taking care of Dad? Without you at home, Dad and Grandpa must be very bored. You should go back and take care of them."


t she didn't trust Wesley, but Megan and Patty were both special cases. Wesley would surely refuse any indecent suggestion from Megan, but that girl was so good at acting that she couldn't be trusted at all. The mere thought of Megan flirting with Wesley made Blair feel uncomfortable.

'Maybe I can just go and take a look. It will help stop my worries, ' she thought.

She put on her overcoat, changed into her shoes and left the apartment in a jiffy. She hailed a cab and went straight to Elton International Hotel.

Before long, Blair found herself standing in front of Room 301. She took a deep breath and called Wesley's phone once again.

This time, however, the call went through on the first go. "Wesley?"

The noise from the other end made it difficult for her to hear clearly.

She raised her voice and called out, "Wesley? Where are you now?"

"Mrs. Li? Chief left his phone here. He got out of the car to talk with an acquaintance. Do you need to talk to him now?" A man's voice came from the other end. It sounded like one of Wesley's subordinates.

At long last, she heaved a sigh of relief. "So, where is he now?"

"We just finished an urgent task. We're heading back downtown now."

'Heading back downtown?

Oh, crap!'

Suddenly, Blair realized that this must be one of Megan's tricks and she quickly turned around to leave. However, before she knew it, the door to Room 301 flung open and someone grabbed hold of her neck and covered her mouth before dragging her inside the room.

Blair dropped her phone on the floor, but the man kicked it inside. There was another man inside the room with them. He picked up her phone and disconnected the call at once. Standing with his back to Blair, the man secretly did something on her phone before closing the door.

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