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   Chapter 753 Nothing Wrong With Wesley

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Neither Wesley nor Megan showed any interest in Debbie's concert.

But Blair was proud of her friend, who was singing gracefully on the stage. She didn't care about the two and continued to cheer her and sing along like the rest of the fans.

The next day, Wesley and Blair went on a four-day trip to the neighboring city.

On their first day, they decided to go for a small trek. Halfway up the hill, Blair felt thirsty. But they didn't have enough drinking water with them. Wesley handed the camera to her and said, "Wait for me here. I'll go buy some."

"Okay." As she waited, she took pictures of the beautiful landscape.

A man suddenly appeared in her shot. Blair put her hands down and raised her head to look at the stranger. Three young men were smiling evilly at her. "What do you want?" she asked warily.

"That's a nice camera you got there," one of them said as he fixed his eyes on it.

Blair's grip on the camera tightened. Of course, it was nice! Cecelia had picked the best for her; it was worth more than a hundred thousand dollars. Knowing their intentions, Blair yelled loudly, "Wesley!"

The three men were caught by surprise.

"Wesley!" she shouted towards the direction in which the soldier had gone.

The three men realized that she had company. They exchanged glances with each other, and in an instant, two of them lunged at her and locked her arms behind her. The third one quickly robbed her of the camera that was hung around her neck.

"Wesley! Help! Wes— Mmph!" One of the men covered her mouth immediately.

Wesley was paying for the bottle of water when he heard her screaming for help. He dropped the bottle and dashed back to Blair as fast as he could.

From a distance, he saw her being surrounded by three men. Enraged, he barked, "Let go of her!"

The robbers saw the tall, strong guy running towards them. They fled with the camera.

"Wesley, they stole my camera!"

Blair began to run after the robbers, but Wesley was much faster. He ran past her like a gust of wind, and closed in on them.

The robbers turned to see that the man was only a few meters away from them. Panicking, they shrieked, "Oh, crap! Run faster!"

They ran all the way to the road and fled in different directions.

In a fluster, the man holding the camera knocked into a small electric car. The camera was thrown into the air and in the next second, it crashed on the ground; the lens was smashed to pieces.

Wesley pinned the man down and rained a few blows on him. The robber

r about him. Please come in, Mom. Are you hungry?"

"Yes!" Cecelia nodded honestly. She was so anxious to see them that she couldn't grab anything to eat.

"Have some fruit first. I'll cook something for you."

"Thank you, Blair. You're such a considerate girl," the mother beamed.

Blair returned the sweet smile. "You're welcome, Mom. It's just a meal. Here, I've washed the fruit."

Cecelia casually picked up an orange and looked around the house. "Where's Wesley?"

"He went to the military base."

"Is he always busy at work? Don't you two spend any time together? Does he come back at night? What time does he come home?" Cecelia asked in one breath as she stood at the doorway of the kitchen with the orange in her hand.

Blair answered patiently, "We just came back from a trip. He's out for some errands during the day, but he always comes back home by eleven at night." Wesley was home every night ever since he had come back from the border.

"I see..." Cecelia ate a slice of the orange, deep in thoughts. Then, she asked implicitly, "What time do you two usually go to bed?"

Blair's face turned red; she knew what the curious mother had in mind. Wesley had told her that his mother doubted his sexual ability. Blair, of course, knew how good he was. But the man was unhappy about her doubts, and to prove himself, he had banged Blair the whole night after that phone call. "Mom, there's nothing wrong with Wesley. It's me; there's a small issue with my uterus. Don't worry, it's nothing major. I've taken some Chinese medicines to improve the condition. Please be patient." Blair felt the pressure too. After all, Wesley was already in his thirties.

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