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   Chapter 752 Grandpa, You Look Absolutely On Fleek

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Zelda went off on the two salesladies. "Who trained you, anyway? Every customer should be treated fairly and respectfully. Don't look down on them. Did you forget everything you were taught? Now, apologize to Mr. Li!"

Wesley cut in coldly, "I'm not the one you need to apologize to!"

The two salesladies turned to look at Zelda in fear. She understood what Wesley meant and simply said, "Apologize to the two elders."

"Yes, Ms. Ye!"

Before returning to the mall, Blair had called Greenwood to ask where they were. When he told her they were in a men's fashion shop on the fourth floor of Dubhe Building, she hurried there. But she didn't know which one it was.

Then she noticed the shop named "Honorable" was quite crowded, so she decided to walk into it to have a look. A group of soldiers in green uniforms came into sight. She wondered if Wesley was here somewhere. She peeked through the crowd and saw that the man sitting on the couch, surrounded by a group of people, was exactly Wesley.

A woman's angry voice rang out. "What a stupid mistake! The two of you have ruined the reputation of our shopping mall. Mr. Xu, fire them. We don't need people like them staffing our store."

The shop manager immediately nodded, "Yes, Ms. Ye!"

Wesley spotted Blair standing behind the soldiers. He waved at her and everyone turned to look.

With everyone's eyes on her, Blair felt shy and slowly walked up to him. Before she could ask about the situation, the soldiers greeted her one by one in a loud voice, "Good morning, Mrs. Li!"

"Hello Mrs. Li!"

"Mrs. Li, nice to meet you!"

"Hi, Blair!" The greetings came one after the other. The soldiers who knew her well called her "Blair," while the others called her "Mrs. Li."

Blair wasn't used to that kind of attention. She smiled politely to everyone and greeted them. "Hi, everyone."

Wesley took her hand and pulled her closer. She asked in a low voice, "What happened? Where are Grandpa and Grandma?"

"In the fitting room. They're trying on their new clothes."

Blair heaved a sigh of relief. But something was off. All of the employees were standing still, and two of them were trembling with their heads bowed.

She didn't spend too much time on it. Soon enough, her grandfather came out of the fitting room in a set of new clothes, another two employees in tow.

Seeing Blair, Greenwood straightened his clothes and asked expectantly, "Blair, w

with me. I don't want to go by myself. It won't look good. Please?"

Wesley threw a glance at her, a small smile on his lips. "Then don't go."

Frustrated, Blair sat up straight. "No way. I have to go. Debbie's my friend. I want to be there to support her."

He fell silent.

Blair was upset. After a moment of silence, she glared at Wesley and said, "I'm sure Kinsley would take me there."

'Kinsley?' The soldier's brows knitted tightly. "You like him?" he questioned, a hint of jealousy in his voice.

From now on, he considered Kinsley his love rival.

"Who wouldn't? He's tall and handsome. He knows how to act, too. And more importantly, he's Debbie's friend. He's going to the concert too. He's a real friend!"

Wesley sulked silently.

A few days later, Debbie held her first concert in Y City. A lot of big shots showed up, which just added to the awesomeness. Wesley was there too, and there were throngs just waiting to see him.

But little did everyone know that Wesley only agreed to go because of some bedroom hijinks.

It wasn't until the soldier came to the stadium that he realized Blair lied to him. Kinsley wasn't there. He asked Carlos where he was, and the CEO told him Kinsley was out of the country. He couldn't make it here.

Wesley wanted to confront Blair, but seeing her trying her best to cheer for Debbie and laughing like a little girl, he felt happy. He decided to drop it.

Megan was there too. She sat right behind him and Blair. Blair focused on Debbie's performance and sang along, while Megan tried to get Wesley's attention and chatted him up from time to time.

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