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   Chapter 751 Can You Afford It

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Two salesgirls quickly walked towards them. But when they saw that the customers were an old couple in cheap clothes, they lost interest immediately. "Welcome," one of them said perfunctorily.

"Thank you," Marie said to the girl with a sweet smile.

The girls forced a smile. As the old couple walked around the shop, they followed them and whispered to each other. "They must have come from some rural area. Look at what they are wearing. Twenty bucks tops!"

"You bet! They must have bought them from a street vendor. Let's follow them, in case they try to steal something."

The couple might have been old, but they were not deaf. Greenwood heard everything, and the smile on his face vanished.

He pretended not to hear and wanted to leave soon. But Marie, who hadn't heard a thing, was still looking around for something that would look good on him. So, he had to put up with it a little longer.

Marie finally found something she liked. It was a jacket. She touched it with caution and asked the two girls with a smile, "Will this jacket fit Grandpa?"

One of the girls grumbled under her breath, "Grandpa? Oh please, I'm not his granddaughter." Then, she said to Marie, "We do have his size. But that jacket is one of the new arrivals of this season. It's $46, 000. No discounts. Can you afford it? If you can, I'll get you the right size. If not, don't bother trying it on."

The snide words were a wet blanket on Marie. "$46, 000? That's so expensive. Did I hear that right? Did you say $46, 000?"

"Yes," the girl answered, sluggishly leaning on a cupboard. Then, she turned to talk to the other girl.

"It's really expensive. What about this one? How much is it?" Marie asked, pointing to a shirt. If everything was pricey, it would be better if they left the store.

The girl sighed impatiently and glanced at the shirt. "$19, 000."

Greenwood had had enough of their attitude. He took out his phone from his pocket and opened the contacts page with his shaky hands. It took him a while to find Wesley's number. "Wesley," he said into the phone when the call connected. He was so loud that the two girls rolled their eyes at him disdainfully.

"Yes, Grandpa?"

"Your gr

s in the mall figured that something was going on in there. They walked in, pretending to be interested in the clothes, but their eyes were fixed on Wesley and the soldiers.

After a few minutes, Greenwood walked out of the fitting room in the new clothes. With a grin, he walked to Wesley and asked, "How do I look?"

Wesley stood up from the couch and said with a smile, "Grandpa, you look ten years younger."

Greenwood grinned from ear to ear. Wesley picked out some more clothes for him and asked the salesgirl to help the old man try them on.

Shortly after Greenwood walked into the fitting room again, Zelda arrived with some people. "Sorry that I'm late, Mr. Li," she said to Wesley. She also greeted the soldiers, "Hello, everyone."

Realizing that they were screwed, the two salesgirls hid behind a wall, refusing to come out.

Wesley sat back on the couch and said in a lukewarm tone, "My grandparents came here to shop but were looked down upon. The salesgirls even dared to say that they made the store look bad, and tried to kick them out. Is this how you treat your customers?"

Zelda understood what had happened by this point. She smiled apologetically. "I'm so sorry for everything, Mr. Li. This is completely our fault. I'll attend to it right away."

She turned to the store manager. "Who received Mr. Li's grandparents?"

The manager asked the two girls to step out. As they walked towards Wesley, they gulped, too scared to speak.

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