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   Chapter 750 Grandparents In Town

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"You must be hungry." With that, Blair ran to Wesley and wrapped her arm around his. "See? This is something for you to savor," she said to Megan.

Megan shook her head again.

Blair's face turned grim. "Well, you have to watch!"

She stood on tiptoe and kissed Wesley on the lips, arms wrapped around his waist tightly, for fear he would push her away. That would make her a laughingstock in front of Megan.

Wesley sighed resignedly inside, but he let Blair do as she wished. Afraid she would get tired from standing on tiptoe for long, he pulled away, looked at her, then moved his lips closer to hers to continue the kiss.

Megan stood there awkwardly while the two were kissing, so embarrassed she didn't know where to look.

After a long while, Blair let go of Wesley, satisfaction written all over her face. Arm in arm with him, she asked Megan, "Wasn't that yummy?"

Head bowed, Megan idly pawed at the ground with her shoe, bit her lip, and didn't say a word.

Blair tilted her head and continued, "Know what I like best about Wesley?"

Megan raised her head in confusion. She was so nonplussed she took the bait easily. Looking at Blair, she asked, "What?"

"Of course it is..." Blair paused for effect, and Megan grew even more nervous. Blair turned to Wesley and gave him a charming smile. Wesley sensed what she was going to say, and had a bad feeling about it. And he was right.

"He has amazing stamina." Megan turned pale.

Wesley's face grew gloomy. It's not like he could stop her.

Blair couldn't care less. She traced her hands along his masculine physique. "He has chocolate abs, strong waist and is a stallion in the sheets. I just can't keep my hands off him. What more could I want in a husband? I see the look on your face. I don't think you believe me. Would you like your uncle Wesley to demonstrate? You should find a boyfriend like him. A man like that should make you happy." After a short pause, she continued, "But there's only one Wesley Li, and he's mine. I know you want him, but too bad. What can you do? Poor Megan."

Wesley squeezed Blair's hand. "Enough."

"Honey, can you fix her up with someone? We are her aunt and uncle, after all. Maybe we could find someone good enough." After seeing the shrink, Blair felt great. She was more lively than she used to be. She used to avoid ev

ourt is on the next floor. Don't leave, okay? I'll be right back."

Greenwood waved his hand dismissively. "Don't worry. We're not going anywhere."

Before she left, Blair got some cash from the ATM and handed it to her grandpa. "Use this to buy some food. But be careful, cash attracts some bad people. Find anything you like? Then wait for me to come back. It's on me."

"Okay. Go do what you gotta do. This mall is huge. We're going to have fun." Blair left the mall in a hurry and hailed a cab, ordering the driver to take her to Orion's company.

The old couple had never been in such a big mall before. They were curious about everything. They would pause for a couple minutes, looking around, taking it all in.

And the goods looked so fancy they didn't even dare to touch anything, afraid that they would break it and wouldn't be able to pay.

"Check it out! I bet you'd look good in that," Marie said, pointing at an outfit at a men's clothing outlet. They had been thrifty all their lives. Now that they had the chance to visit a metropolis, she had the impulse to buy some nice clothes.

Greenwood figured the clothes must be quite expensive, so he didn't intend to go in. But Marie kept nagging at him to do it.

He acquiesced. Hand in hand, the old couple walked into the store. The luxurious decor alone was mesmerizing enough for them.

"Ooh, this store is huge. I bet this is high-quality stuff. Look around and see what you like. I've got this. Look over there!" Marie said to Greenwood with delight, pointing at something else.

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