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   Chapter 749 Talbot Is Dying

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Adalson sensed that something was wrong between the couple. He gathered that she and Wesley were in the middle of a fight. Blair sounded quite determined not to go home with Wesley, and as her uncle, he couldn't just force her to leave. He said to Wesley, "Let her stay here for a bit longer. I will talk to her."

Wesley had to go home alone that day.

Half a month later, Blair received an unexpected call from Niles. He sounded upset and said with urgency, "Blair…"

"What's wrong, Niles?"

"Wesley and I were in an accident. We are at the hospital now."

"What?! How are you? Where's Wesley? Is he hurt?" Blair asked in a panic. There was a moment of silence before Niles continued.

"I'm fine. Wesley is hurt, but it's nothing serious. I realized something today, Blair…" he said, sobbing slightly. "I thought he despised me, but when the accident took place, he protected me without any hesitation. I was so moved."

This was the third time Blair had heard Niles cry ever since they had met. The last time he cried was also because Wesley had been injured.

"Despise you? Where did you get that idea? He is your brother, and he loves you. Of course, he would protect you. How is he now? Which hospital is he in?"

"There are a few cuts in his arms. The doctor has stitched him up. He is having an intravenous infusion at the military hospital now."

They talked for a while and after hanging up, Blair wondered whether she should call Wesley first or just go to the hospital. Before she could make a decision, her phone rang again. It was Wesley.

"Hello?" she answered immediately.

"Talbot is gravely injured," Wesley said. 'Temporarily.'

Blair's heart thumped wildly in her chest. "Was he in the car with you?"

"Yeah. It looks his days are numbered." 'As to how many years he has left, I'm not sure.'

Inside the ward, Talbot stared at Wesley with a stunned face. He silently listened to his chief's blatant lies. Clearly, Wesley wanted Blair's sympathy. Then, shouldn't it have been Talbot who had made the phone call? To tell Blair that Wesley had been admitted in the hospital and was dying?

If he wanted to make Blair feel sorry for him and visit him at the hospital, that should have been the story. But why was Wesley doing this the other way around? It was not Talbot whom Blair loved.

But Blair was soft-hearted, and Wesley took advantage of this. She was already worried sick. "Does Talbot—"

"There's no one to take care of me here. Even Mom didn't turn up," Wesley in

medicine. I'll handle it."

With the doctor's prescription, Blair claimed the medicine from the pharmacy downstairs.

When she was back at the door of Wesley's ward, she looked at the medicine in her hand. Suddenly, she wasn't as sure as she had been in the doctor's office. Would Wesley listen to her?

Well, he had to! She decided not to humor him this time.

She stormed into the ward. Wesley was waiting for her. "Why did you refuse to take your medication?"

Wesley was confused by her anger. "These are just minor injuries. What's all the fuss about?"

"Take it." She put the medicine on the table near his bed. The air she was bearing told him that there would be a huge fight between them if he refused to obey her.

Wesley fiddled with the medicine in his hand. With a small smile, he said, "This is really unnecessary." Besides, he had already had the infusion.

Blair grew furious. "Are you gonna take it or not?"

The look on her face told him that she meant business. "Yes, ma'am."

Under Blair's supervision, Wesley took the pill.

That afternoon, Megan came to the hospital. Blair put on a long face as soon as she walked into the ward. The sight of the girl made her feel as if she had swallowed a bug.

As always, Megan assumed her best masquerade, acting weak, helpless, and innocent. She pretended to be concerned about Wesley's injury and asked him how he felt. Blair was fed up with her act and felt like puking. She stood up and said to the phony girl with a smile, "Megan, are you hungry?"

Megan was perplexed. So was Wesley.

Blair never liked her. In case she was pulling some trick on her, Megan shook her head. "No, I'm not."

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