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   Chapter 748 Do Me A Favor

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Blair took pictures of the examination result along with the doctor's diagnosis and sent them to Wesley on WeChat.

He grinned as he read the doctor's report. Then it occurred to him how pissed Blair must be, so he called her. "I didn't mean this to happen."

"Humph! You sexually abused me using your being drunk as an excuse. You're a jerk!"

"No, you were just so enticing. I couldn't help it." He had seen many sides of Blair the previous night. She had even been in the mood to tease him. He was so attracted to her that he had completely lost control.

"So it was my fault, huh?" she asked, a warning in her tone.

His goofy grin disappeared. "No, it was definitely my fault. I won't do it again. Please forgive me, ma'am."

"Not so easily. I'm going to stay at Joslyn's for a few days. Reflect on your mistakes for a while! Don't come for me. I don't want to see you anytime soon!" He was just too much for her to handle. She was honestly afraid to sleep with him.

Wesley frowned. "I'll come and pick you up tonight."

"You'll only make me angrier!"

"Then... I'll pick you up tomorrow." He could only stay one night without her.

"No. It's my call. Didn't you just call me 'ma'am'? You should follow my orders unconditionally."

Wesley knew that he had walked right into that one. He had to wait for her to come back now.

Hartwell wasn't around.

So, it was just Blair, Joslyn and little Patrick at home.

Wesley couldn't just march into the Ji family's residence to get her back, so he called her every day.

And every time he asked her to come home, Blair would say that she wanted to spend more time with Joslyn and Patrick.

A few days passed like this. Then one day, Blair got a call from Debbie. "Sis, do me a favor," Debbie said.

"Fire away!"

Debbie giggled. "You didn't even ask what I want. You're such a good friend, Blair," she said warmly. "I'm planning to teach the Queen of Manipulation a lesson, but your husband is getting in my way. I need your help."

"Sure. But who is this Queen of Manipulation?"

"Megan," Debbie said with a smirk.

Blair laughed. "The title suits her

Wesley looked back at Blair. "Honey, that's Megan! Wait for me at home. I'll come back as soon as I can."

'Megan! Megan! It's always Megan.' Blair wanted to stomp on that woman like an ant.

She turned around and left without so much as a goodbye to Wesley.

Watching her leave like that, he curled his hands into fists. But he couldn't leave Megan in that condition right now. He decided to stay and make up to Blair later.

That night, when he was back home, the apartment was pitch-black. Blair was nowhere to be found.

He called her on her phone. "Where are you?"

"At my uncle's."

"I'm coming to get you."

"No, I'm already in bed," she rebuffed.

"We need to talk. I'm coming to pick you up," he insisted. He also wanted to talk to her about Megan. If Blair really hated her that much, now that Carlos was out of his coma, he could ask Carlos to take care of Megan.

"I just want to sleep. Patrick is also asleep. Don't come. You will disturb everyone. Good night!"

She hung up.

Wesley looked around the big bedroom. He felt empty without her.

And just like last time, for days, Blair refused to come home. Wesley was busy taking care of Megan, but made time to see Blair. He only left after ascertaining that she was fine.

After Megan had been discharged from the hospital, he went again to pick Blair up from her uncle's, but she used all kinds of excuses to not go home with him.

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